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A hundred years ago the basic home heating source was burning wood, but over the years many home heating fuels have emerged as the heat of choice, with wood heating taking a secondary or back-up roll in our busy homes. Even fireplaces were installed more as a focal accent with a warm and cozy ambiance, than as a main source of heating.

Over the last few years, home heating options have been influenced more by market conditions that govern operating costs, than from personal heating choice. It wasn't unusual to see an electric furnace replaced with an oil unit when electricity prices soared years ago, only to find that over time, heating fuel costs would reverse. What may have been a cheaper heating fuel 10 years ago, may no longer be a viable option for today's heating budget. While retrofitting a heating source is not an option most home owners can pursue, an alternative form of heating can often supplement heat and reduce your overall heating costs.

Burning wood is quickly regaining popularity and regardless of what your main source of heating is, it may be a good choice of alternative heating for your home. Firewood is economical and readily available in most areas. That being said, equipping your home with a wood-burning stove or fireplace does require a small investment, but you can generally recoup these costs over a few heating seasons.

Heating With Wood Options:

The main choices when it comes to burning wood for home heating are: a traditional wood heat stove or fireplace, a pellet stove which can burn wood pellets or other fuels, or a wood furnace. Wood cookstoves are also increasing in popularity in modern homes due to their dual functionality.

Since the vision is a long-term alternative heat source, take time to consider the benefits and constraints of each type of heating before buying a wood-burning appliance. It's also wise to consider the operating costs and maintenance involved in heating with wood.

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