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Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater AM04 Review

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Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater AM04 Review

Dyson Hot Fan Heater AM04

Photo © Dyson
Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater AM04 Review

Dyson Hot Fan Heater AM04

Photo © Mifflin

Update: April 2014: If you have one of these heater/fans, please note that Dyson has recalled some of their AM04 and AM05 Fan/Heaters. Please read this post for information and links to see if your product is part of the recall and for repair instructions.

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Dyson's Hot Fan Heater promises to deliver heat quickly to a room with the same innovative Air Multiplier™ technology as their bladeless fans. This is a heating concept I'm more than anxious to test.

Product Despcription


  • Dyson Hot + Cool™ AM04 Fan and Heater
  • Dual function - heater and fan
  • Heats the whole room; designed for small to large size room
  • Air Multiplier™ technology amplifies surrounding air projecting heat; multiplies air 6 times
  • Easy to clean; no fan blades; brushless motor
  • Long range heat projection
  • 10 Air flow settings
  • Touch-tilt design
  • Oscillating feature
  • Place on table or floor
  • LED Display shows selected target temperature in degrees
  • Precise temperature control
  • Low center of gravity
  • Thermostatic control
  • Cooling fan
  • Safety features: Automatic tip-over protection cut out; no visible heating element
  • Remote control
  • Size 23" High; 8" W diameter base
  • 2-Yr warranty
  • Available in Iron/Blue or White/Silver
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • MSRP: $399.99


How the Dyson Hot Fan Heater Performed

November 9, 2011
Out of the box, the Dyson Hot™ is much smaller (a plus) than expected with only an 8" diameter base (footprint) and it stands 23" tall, making it a slim, compact design ideal for smaller spaces. The style of this heater helps it to blend well into the background. I've used a lot of portable heaters over the years and the Dyson Hot has to be the nicest looking unit and probably the smallest for the amount of heat that it puts out. The product manual provides good operating illustrations.

It's a stable heater, rather light and easy to grab with one hand (when cool of course), to transfer to another room. The Dyson Hot is two appliances in one - a fan as well as a heater. In terms of safety, there's no exposed heating element and it would shut off if tipped over (not tippy in the least). The unit does get hot when in use, so take note of the recommended 3' clearance near drapery, bedding and so on. The oscillating and tilt-touch design is similar to Dyson's bladeless fans - nice features to direct heat or air where you want it. Overall, it seems well made with a good fit and finish.

Setting the preferred temperature is easy and it will cycle to maintain that. The chosen degree is visible on the LED display. Being able to turn the fan/heater on and off remotely is very convenient since you could position it in a bedroom for zone heating and simply turn it on with the remote, a few minutes before getting out of bed. The remote works even sixteen feet away. Changing the function from heating to cool air mode is fairly simple with a setting change and dropping the temperature to 32 degrees either at the unit or from the remote. It has a good range of temperature settings - from 32 to 99 degrees F.

There are 10 air flow settings to choose from and I found that the lowest (1, 2, or 3) selections were best when carrying on a conversation in the room or watching television. The higher the selection, the more fan noise. How much noise you're willing to tolerate really depends on how much heating/cooling comfort you want. On setting 3, I could detect a good amount of air flow 5' away; on setting 10 - much less but still detectable 9' from the unit. The maximum size of room you could heat/cool with the Dyson Hot depends on setting choice and where you position the unit since it can oscillate 360 degrees. I found it adequate for heating a 16' x 14' area.

Overall Impresion

I love the look, design, dual function, compact styling and oscillating/tilt features of this fan heater. As for heating efficiency, it cycles to maintain the preferred temperature and it's reasonably quick to heat up a room due to the overall design, tilt and oscillating features. Being able to use a single heating/cooling appliance and one that is compact at that, through seasonal changes can be extremely convenient. It has basically all the nice-to-have features for a heater and fan, plus it looks nice. Energy use was not monitored; wattage is not listed.

The biggest concern with the Dyson Hot is justifying the price. It does have a dual function and that means you only have to store one unit, but price may still be a factor for some. However, it is well made, has some great features, a two year warranty and is made by Dyson - a company known for quality materials and innovative designs. As for the remote - I can understand the reasoning behind the remote's tiny size (magnetic docking), but it seems cheaply made and is just too easy to misplace. Dyson please rethink the remote's size and construction. I'd also love to see more heater specs on the Dyson site; there was more information on the packaging.

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