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What's the Difference Between a Griddle and Grill?


What's the Difference Between a Griddle and Grill?

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Question: What's the Difference Between a Griddle and Grill?
What's the difference between a griddle and a grill? Are grills and griddles the same or used for the same type of cooking?
Answer: Though some people use their names interchangeably, griddles and grills are two different cooking appliances or implements. While some foods could be cooked on either of these, some are better cooked on one rather than the other.

The best way to tell them apart is that a griddle has a flat surface, whereas a grill has raised ridges that have two functions. Ridges keep steaks, hamburgers, chicken and other foods from sitting in the grease and similar to barbecue grills, they leave appealing grilling lines on foods as they cook. Grills can also be used for making panini and other grilled sandwiches, with the use of a bacon press or other weighty accessory.

Common uses for griddles are pancakes, french toast, bacon and eggs, all of which require a flat cooking surface. You can cook a steak, vegetables and other foods on this handy cookware, but some would prefer a grill for steaks, burgers and chops, since they look so much nicer with the grill lines.

Both the griddle and grill are popular cooking implements, but the health conscious usually prefer leaner cooking with a grill to avoid foods sitting in the grease while they cook. Either type come in models designed for use on a cooktop or as an electric appliance.

There are a few combo units on the market that give you the option of grilling or griddling with versatile interchangeable or reversible cooking plates. A combination griddle/grill can save you money as well as storage space, if you want both types of cookware or appliances.

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