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Hamilton Beach StepSavor Skillet/Griddle 38500 Review

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Hamilton Beach StepSavor Skillet/Griddle 38500 Review

Hamilton Beach StepSavor Skillet/Griddle 38500

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The skillet/griddle combination is a great design idea with space-saving convenience. But will both parts measure up performance wise? I was eager to test the Hamilton Beach StepSavor™ to find out.

Product Description:

    Hamilton Beach StepSavor™ Skillet Griddle 38500 2-in-1 Appliance
  • Flat electric griddle 11-1/2" cooking surface
  • Removable 12-1/2" square deep dish skillet with lid; 2-1/2" deep
  • 1400Watt
  • Lid has steam vent
  • Skillet and lid are dishwasher safe
  • Griddle and skillet have easy-clean nonstick finish
  • Full variable heat controls
  • Skillet is removable for serving
  • Unit can nest on a rack to store on its side; wire storage rack included
  • Large 4 Qt capacity skillet for one-dish meals
  • MSRP: $89.99CA; $59.99US
  • Recipes included
  • Learn more from the manufacturer: Hamilton Beach Canada; Hamilton Beach USA

How the Hamilton Beach StepSavor Skillet/Griddle Performed

July 4, 2011
The StepSavor is very unique and seems geared especially for those with limited space but it also offers some budget savings over having to buy both a griddle and a skillet. The skillet sits on a combined griddle base with heating controls. So when using the skillet, the heat comes up from the griddle so the temperature diminishes slightly as it transfers from the griddle to the skillet - as noted on the controls. In other words, it's simply a matter of choosing the appropriate temperature for the part you're using. I found no problems with this set up; the skillet heated up fine and there was ample variable heat for everything I cooked. In fact, I often had to use less heat than expected, so there's a good range, plus it heats quickly and evenly.

As for heating/cooking performance, no problems were detected and both appliances did well regardless of what I cooked or fried. It also does a fine job of browning and you can use the lid on either skillet or griddle. I love the deep design of the skillet - definitely family-sized for one-dish meals or sauces and being able to remove it for serving at the table is a big plus. The griddle may offer less cooking space than a rectangular model, but you can still get four grilled cheese sandwiches on it or five hamburgers, four pancakes (best ever) and more when it comes to sausage, bacon and such. So there's a little trade off when it comes to space vs capacity. But you can't beat performance and quick cleaning of this space-saving griddle. Now if you try and push griddle capacity limits, an overflow could be more difficult to clean - I didn't go there.

An interesting note is that my husband prefers the griddle over his usual small nonstick skillet for doing his custom, piled-high eggs, ham and veggies mix for a western sandwich, because of how well it cooks and how quickly it cleans up. (I think clean-up is the big winner here).

There's no grease drain on the griddle but the skillet being lightweight, is easy to slightly tip up to pool grease for spooning it out. The nonstick finish makes it easy to cook or fry on and cleaning the griddle couldn't be easier. The easy care nonstick finish appears durable, though you should use plastic or wooden utensils to protect the finish. Since you can't remove the griddle from the base or immerse it in water, wiping it with a dampened soapy cloth and rinsing, works like a breeze. Cleaning the removable skillet is also easy - it can be immersed or washed in the dishwasher. As for weight, the deep dish skillet is much lighter than it looks - another plus.

Without a doubt, the best feature is the two-appliance design, followed by the easy care nonstick finish that makes it super easy to use and clean. And the deep nature of the skillet expands cooking options to the convenience and time-saving world of creative one dish meals.

Overall Impression

The Hamilton Beach Skillet/Griddle is definitely unique, each part works as expected and is a joy to use and clean. I love the size of the skillet, it's really versatile and the nice side handles makes it comfortable to remove even when full. The griddle is definitely a winner, though not really family sized if you like to do more than four pancakes at once.

Designed for compact storage, it nests nicely on its rack and you need about 6" wide by 16" high to store it on its side this way. Store if you must, but I find this skillet/griddle so handy, I'd try to claim a little counter space for it, before looking for cabinet storage.

The Skillet/Griddle is reasonably priced. This set would make a neat wedding or shower gift. It's also a nice appliance for the RV and ideal for those with limited kitchen storage or counter.

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