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Water Boiler and Dispenser - What it is and Common Uses


Water Boiler and Dispenser - What it is and Common Uses

Zojirushi CD-JUC22 Micom Water Boiler

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Definition: A water boiler and dispenser is an electric appliance that is similar in function to an electric kettle, but with advanced features and convenience preferences.

While you must pick up and pour from an electric kettle, a water boiler usually has a handy dispensing feature that dispenses the hot water right into your cup, teapot or travel mug. You can also use a water boiler to dispense hot water for instant noodles, instant oatmeal or as needed for use in recipes.

Water boilers generally have much more advanced features than kettles, such as ideal temperature settings for certain teas, as well as reboil and keep warm settings. Since their biggest claim to fame is the dispensing feature, they are the safest kettle alternative for those with problem hands.

Usually, water boilers have more features than the best and highest priced electric kettle. For those who love hot water on demand, a water boiler is the best choice for them.

There are also large water boilers designed specifically for the restaurant industry, but for purposes of this article, a water boiler refers more to the common kitchen appliance.

Prices do vary for water boilers depending on capacity, temperature preset settings, features and can range from $100 to $200. Market and brand availability for water boilers is low unfortunately; there are more brands and models available for full-featured electric kettles.
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Pronunciation: wa.ter boil.er
Also Known As: dispensing kettle, hot water dispenser
Water boilers are very popular with avid tea lovers and those who love hot water on demand and because of their unique features such as keep warm and reboil.

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