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T-Fal Steam Iron

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Definition: A clothes iron is an electric appliance that is used along with an ironing board, to iron or press clothing, fabric or draperies. Irons are sold with or without a steam feature but at the very minimum, an iron usually has variable temperature settings for different types of materials. Prices will vary depending on features, power and other design enhancements.

Basic models can be purchased for around $20 and high end models with more power are priced around $100 or more. An iron with a higher power usually will press more quickly, sometimes with only one pass on the clothing, which is quite a time-saver. Steam is also a feature that makes pressing easier.

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Pronunciation: I.ron
I'll press a shirt with a clothes iron on an ironing board, or use a garment steamer to remove wrinkles, pressing while the shirt is hung.

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