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Cookie Press


Cookie press

Cookie press

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Definition: A cookie press is a baking tool that is used to push out cookie batter or other fillings or icing, through a motif-cut disc to produce a small shaped cookie. If the cookie press comes with pastry tips, you can also use it to fill cream puffs, ice and decorate cakes and cupcakes.

Cookie presses come in a variety of styles and sizes, plastic or stainless steel and with various motif discs and/or tips. They generally are very affordable considering the use you get from one. Most cookie presses are manual operation - turn or plunge to press and there are also electric models but not many on the market; the widest selection is with manual cookie presses.

A cookie press requires a little practice to get uniform nicely-shaped cookies, but it's a fun process to learn. Learn some tips to using a cookie press. Though you can press cookies for year round enjoyment, many use this handy baking tool mostly for making holiday cookies. A cookie press makes a nice gift for the home baker and cake decorator.
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Pronunciation: coo.kie press
With a cookie press, you can make small delicate shaped cookies.

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