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Blender - Definition and Use of a Kitchen Blender


Blender - Definition and Use of a Kitchen Blender


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Definition: A blender is electric and the term usually refers to a kitchen blender which is used for blending and mixing foods and liquids. There are basically two types of blenders - counter blenders and stick blenders which vary in terms of convenience, price and function. There are also blenders that are part of multifunction kitchen appliances.

Blenders are sold in personal (small) sizes or larger (48 to 60 oz) models, along with the odd in-between sizes. Which size is handier really depends on how much you use a blender and what you want to blend with it. It's not unusual to have both small and large blenders in the kitchen.

Considered an essential kitchen appliance, a blender is invaluable when it comes to making baby foods from left-over meals, blending smoothies, crushing and blending ice in summer drinks or mixing pancake batter. However, blenders do have limits when it comes to types of foods it can blend, as well as whether or not it can blend ice.

A blender is a type of food processing machine, but should not be confused with a food processor, which is a different type of appliance, though there are some similarities.
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Pronunciation: blen.der
I'll use a blender to blend a frozen smoothie, but a hand mixer would be better if I want to blend a cake mix in a bowl.

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