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Bagless Vacuum - Definition


Bagless Vacuum - Definition

Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Definition: Vacuums come in either bagged or bagless design. Those that are bagged should not be operated without a specially designed paper dirt bag inserted in the bag housing. You also need to purchase and keep replacement bags on hand, for when the bag in the vacuum is full of dirt and must be discarded and replaced. Operating a vacuum with an overflowing dirt bag decreases its efficiency and can also reduce the life of your vacuum.

A bagless vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that is designed with a removable dirt bin or receptacle that can be emptied when full. Most are clear bins which enable the homemaker to view when the bin is full. Each vacuum brand has its own design of the dirt bin, some are easier to remove and empty than others. Dirt bin size also varies with vacuum models.

A bagless vacuum cleaner does not require any bags, so there are no vacuum replacement bags to buy. Besides being very convenient, this eliminates or considerably reduces the operating cost of a vacuum (except for filters) and saves the frustration often associated with looking for a source of replacement bags to fit your particular type of vacuum.

Whether a vacuum is bagless or bagged does not affect cleaning performance, it is merely a design preference. However, while some consumers love the bagless vacuum design, others do not like having to handle or empty a dirt bin and prefer to buy replacement bags as needed for a bagged model. Depending on how the dirt bin removes and empties, escaping dust during the emptying process can be a problem for those with allergies or asthma.

Most upright vacuums are bagless, but you can find either bagged or bagless designs available on canister vacuums as well as uprights. Stick vacuums are usually bagless with a small removable dirt bin.

If you're having a hard time deciding on a bagless or bagged vacuum design, base your purchase decision on a vacuum's best features for your cleaning needs rather than on the dirt bin/bag, which is mainly a convenience or preference item. Read more about Bagged vs Bagless Vacuums
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Pronunciation: bag.less vac.uum
Also Known As: bagged vacuum machine, bagged vacuum cleaner
My upright vacuum is a bagless model with a removable dirt bin, but my canister vacuum is bagged and requires replacement vacuum bags.

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