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Nano-Silver - Definition and Use


Question: Nano-Silver - Definition and Use
What is nano-silver and what is it used for?
Answer: Nano-silver is not a new technology, but one that has been used for decades in the medical field to prevent the growth of bacteria, especially on surgical tools.

There is a scientific explanation of nano-silver and further detail can be found on many sites, some of which are listed below. But to put it simply, nano-silver can be defined as a group of micro-sized (nano) bits of silver that are either covering or suspended in an item. A nano is about the size of 6 atoms lined up together.

Although a nano-silver group of silver particles is extremely minute, it has mega health benefits when it comes to killing and preventing bacteria and infections.

The use of nano-silver technology has more recently been expanded to many household products and cleaners including personal electronic devices and appliances such as vacuums, air cleaners and purifiers, room sanitizers and water purification units.

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