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A definition of words often found in product descriptions of appliances, kitchenware, cutlery, cookware and other housewares.

Alternative Energy
Definition of alternative energy; alternative energy use and common types

Definition of anodized and why anodized aluminum is used in cookware.

Bagless Vacuum - Definition
Bagless Vacuum - Definition and why this is a common type of vacuum

Baking Stone or Pizza Stone - find out what they are used for
Baking Stone or Pizza Stone - find out what they are used for

Bisphenol A BPA
Bisphenol A also known simply as BPA - what it is and why there are concerns about it in plastics. BPA concerns have prompted a shift to safe drinking bottles

Blender - Definition and Use of a Kitchen Blender
Blender - definition of a kitchen blender

Blenders - Deciding Between a Dispensing and a Non-dispensing Counter Blender
Dispensing vs non-dispensing Counter Blender; blender buying tips, deciding between a dispensing blender and one that does not have a dispensing feature.

Blender Jar or Jug - Definition

Stick, Hand or Immersion Blender - Definition
Definition of a stick, hand or immersion blender and common uses

Blender vs Food Processor
Do you know the difference between a food processor and blender? They have some similarities but are different appliances.

The definition of a bolster in relation to a cutlery knife.

Bread Maker - Definition & Use
Bread Maker - What a bread machine is and common uses

What's a Bridge Element on a Smoothtop Cooktop or Stove?
Bridge element, cooktop feature

CADR - Clean Air Delivery Rate
What a Clean Air Delivery Rate is, who certifies the product and what it means.

What a canner is and the types that are used in home preserving of foods.

canning; definition of canning; understanding what canning is; learn about home canning

Canning Jar
Definition and use of a canning, mason, sealing or preserving jar.

Carbon Filter (Active) used for Water Filtration
Active Carbon filter for water, why use a carbon filter for water, what is a carbon filter or carbon filtration

What are Carbon Zero or Carbon Neutral Products?
Are carbon zero and carbon neutral products the same as green products? Learn what carbon zero and carbon neutral products are and what gives them that name

Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Steam Cleaner
What a carpet cleaner is and common uses

CEE Tier Rating - What it Means About an Appliance
Learn the CEE Energy Efficiency Rating and what it means for an appliance

Clinker - Definition of a Clinker
Definition of a clinker in relation to burning wood in heat stoves and fireplaces.

Colander - Definition and Common Uses
Colander - Definition and Common Uses; what's a colander and what it is used for?

What is Convection Cooking?
Learn about convection cooking and why some love this modern type of cooking/baking technology

Cooker - Electric
What an electric cooker is, benefits and common uses

Cookie Press
Cookie Press - definition and use of a cookie press

Cool Mist Humidifier
What a Cool Mist Humidifier is and what it does; what is a cool mist humidifier?

What a dehumidifier is and common uses for one; dehumidifier - definition and use

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners
Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners - definition; how a ductless mini-split air conditioner works; mini-split coolers, ductless split systems

Earth Day
Earth Day, what it is and how you can participate; be challenged on Earth Day to help your environment

EER - Definition of an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
Definition of an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and what it means in relation to an air conditioner.

The definition of encapsulated and how it is used in relation to cookware.

Definition of energy and how it relates to the average home

EnergyGuide Label
Understand an appliance's EnergyGuide label and what it means

Energy Star®
The definition of Energy Star® and what it means in relation to appliances.

Frappe - What is a Frappe?
Frappe - Definition of a Frappe? What a frappe icy drink is; what makes an icy drink a frappe?

Definition and use of this home kitchen appliance

What is Freezer Burn?
Freezer burn - What it is and how it occurs; what causes freezer burn on freezer foods; is freezer burnt food safe to eat?

Granton Edge - Definition of a Knife's Granton Edge
What the term Granton means and why a Granton edge is a popular knife feature.

Green Energy
Green energy sources and why green energy is increasing in demand

Green Products - What are Green Products?
What are Green Products? What makes a product green to the consumer.

Griddle vs a Grill
Learn how to tell a griddle from a grill

HE Detergents
Learn about HE detergents, what it is and when to use it

HE High Efficiency
Definition of he; what high efficiency means in relation to a washer or laundry team; what an HE washer is, HE

The definition of HEPA filtration and common uses today to remove airborne particles from the air we breathe.

Soda Dispenser - Definition and use
Soda Dispenser - Definition and use of soda machine or carbonated beverage dispenser

Humidifier - Definition of a Home Humidifier and What it Does
What a humidifier is, definition of humidifier, why a home humidifier is important, benefits of a humidifier, how a humidifier can improve the air, why buy a humidifier, humidifier buying tips

Humidifier - Evaporative
The benefits and process of an evaporative humidifier

Humidifier - Ultrasonic
What an ultrasonic humidifier is and how it works

Humidifier - Whole House Console
What a whole house console humidifier is

Humidifier - Whole House, Flow-Through ByPass
What a whole house flow-through humidifier is including benefits

The definition of hygrometer and how it can help to monitor the air quality in your home.

Humidistat - What it is and What it Does in Humidifiers
Definition of a humidistat, how a humidistat helps to control moisture, what a humidifier humidistat does, definition of humidistat, humidifier buying tips

Hygrometer vs Humidistat
Learn the difference between a hygrometer and humidistat

Induction Cooking - Definition
Find out why so many cooks love induction cooking

Hygrostat - Definition and Use as a Humidifier Feature
Definition of hygrostat, what a hygrostat does, why a hygrostat is the best humidifier feature, humidifier hygrostat and what it does, how to buy a humidifier

Infrared Heater - What is an Infrared Heater?
Infrared heaters explained

Ionizer - Definition and Use in Air Cleaners
Definition of ionizer - enhanced air cleaner feature

Iron - Clothes Iron
Iron - What a clothing iron is and what it is used for.

Ironing Board
Ironing Board - Definition and best use of an ironing board

Kettle - Definition and Use
Kettle - Definition, types and use in terms of a kitchen kettle

Knife Bevel
Learn what a knife bevel is and its purpose

Jar Lifter
What a jar lifter is and why it's an important canning tool

Knife Steel
Definition of a knife steel and why it's an essential knife accessory

Lasagna Pan - Definition and Use
Lasagna Pan; what's a lasagna pan?; lasagna pan definition and use

Manual Defrost Freezer - Definition
Manual Defrost Freezer - Definition; what a manual defrost freezer is and how it differs from a self-defrost model

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Material Safety Data Sheets - why they matter and what you need to know

Melamine (dinnerware)
What melamine dinnerware is, its risks and common uses

Microfiber - Lack or Luster?
Microfiber, microfibre - Is it really the miracle cloth some tout it to be? Microfiber - definition and common uses. Does a microfiber cloth work well for dusting?

Microwave Oven - Definition and Use
Microwave Oven - definition and use

Mixer - Electric Hand Mixer
Definition of a hand mixer; electric hand mixer and common uses

Nano-Silver - Definition and Use
Definition of nano-silver technology and use in appliances.

Definition of a Partoku Knife

What it is and why this old style of appliance is still popular today

Phantom Power
Phantom Power

Pink Ribbon - Definition of Term & What Pink Ribbon Products Are
Definition of a pink ribbon product and the benefits of buying a pink ribbon item.

Pizza Cutter or Wheel
Pizza Cutter or wheel is the best for slicing a pizza; definition of a pizza cutter

Plate Charger
Learn what a plate charger is and when it is appropriate to use one

Polarized Plug
What a polarized plug is and why appliances should have a cord with this kind of end.

Potable Water - Definition
Potable Water - definition of potable water and when water is deemed not to be potable or safe drinking water

Learn about food preservation; preserving foods at home - what it means; about preserving food

Pressure Canner
What a pressure canner is and how it is used in home canning

Pressure Cooker
Definition of a pressure cooker

Regifting - definition and common use

Renewable Energy
Definition of renewable energy; what renewable energy is

Reverse Osmosis - Definition and Use
Reverse Osmosis - definition and use

Rice Cooker
Definition and use of a rice cooker

Roaster, Roasting Pan - Definition and Use
Roaster, Roasting Pan - Definition and Use; what a roaster is and most often used for; definition of a turkey roasting pan, turkey pan or turkey roaster

Rotary Cutter
Rotary Cutter - definition and use

Santoku - Definition of Santoku
The definition of Santoku and what it means as a cutlery knife.

Self-Defrost Freezer - Definition
Self-defrost freezer - definition and explanation of how a self-defrost freezer operates

Shears vs Scissors
The difference between shears and scissors

Shears, Pinking
What pinking shears are and what they are used for

Shears, Utility
Definition of utility shears and what they are used for

Crock-Pot - See Slow Cooker
Definition and use of a slow cooker; about the Crock-Pot brand

Smart Meter - Definition and Use
What a smart meter is and why they are in use; understanding smart electricity meters

Smoothie - What's a Smoothie? Definition of a smoothie

Smoothtop Cooktop, Range or Stove
Smoothtop glass or ceramic cooktop definition and buying tips

Solar Energy
Definition of solar energy; solar energy as an alternative renewable energy source

Springform Baking Pan - Use and Care Tips
Springform pan - How to Use a Springform Pan; tips on buying and using a springform baking pan

Sprouter, Seed Sprouter - Definition & Use
Seed Sprouter - What is a sprouter?; Definition of seed sprouter and what it is used for

Steam Cleaner
Definition and use of a household steam cleaner

Steam Mop
Definition and use of a steam mop

Sweeper, Floor or Carpet Cleaning Tool
Sweeper, Floor or Carpet Cleaning Tool; What's a sweeper? Definition of a household sweeper

Tang - As in Knife Tang
The definition and purpose of a cutlery knife tang.

Time of Use Electricity Rates (TOU)
Time of use electricity rates are usually tied into smart meter programs. Learn about time of use (TOU) hydro rates; time of use electricity rates - what they are

Trivection Cooking - Definition
Learn how three methods of heating technology are used in some ovens

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
What the UL mark means and what Underwriters Laboratories does; learn about product safety and buying certified products and appliances

UV - Ultraviolet Light Technology
What UV is and why it's important in water filtration systems; definition of UV ultraviolet light when used in water filtration.

Ash Vacuum - Definition and Use
Ash Vacuum - Definition and Use, why and when to use an ash vacuum, why a regular vacuum should not be used for cleaning ashes

Warm Mist Humidifier
Warm Mist Humidifier - what it is; definition of a warm mist humidifier

Vacuum vs Carpet Cleaner
Differences and uses

Waffle Maker - Definition and Use
What a waffle maker is and what you can do with one

Washer - Steam Feature
What a washer steam feature is and how it works

Water Boiler and Dispenser - What it is and Common Uses
Water boiler and dispenser - definition and use

Water Cooler
Definition and use of a water cooler

Water Dispenser
Definition and use of a water dispenser

Water Distiller
Water Distiller - definition and common use of a water distiller; distilled water

Slow cooker
Slow cooker - definition and use of a slow cooker, Crock-Pot

Water Filtration
Water Filtration

Water Purifier - Definition and Use
Water purifier - definition and use

Waterbath Canner
Learn what a waterbath canner is and how it is used.

Wind Energy
Definition of wind energy and common application; about wind energy

Vacuum Powerhead or Nozzle
What a vacuum powerhead or nozzle is and how it is helpful for cleaning carpets

Zone Heaters - Definition and Uses of Zone Heaters
Zone heaters - What they are and when zone heaters are likely to be used.

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