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Easy on the Budget Gifts $60 Range

Best Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas


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Here's my top picks of housewares and kitchen gifts in the $60 range. These are sure to be much appreciated - some are time savers and some are just handy and practical.

1. Joseph Joseph Elevated Carousel Tool Set

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber

So practical yet stylish, this 7 pc kitchen tool set is ideal to use with nonstick cookware and bakeware, but you also use it with stainless. Heat rated to 480degF, these tools are designed to take less room on your counter, but be within handy reach.

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2. Oster's Classic Beehive Blender

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You can find several models of durable and reliable Oster blenders for the $60 range. Do you have a smoothie lover on your gift list? Gift them a blender.


3. Presto SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Photo © Presto
For under $60, the SaladShooter® offers lots of value in an easy-to-store and clean electric tool for shredding or slicing. You can easily and quickly shred cheese or slice a host of vegetables for eating fresh, for soups and stews. It can even chop nuts or make bread crumbs. Presto makes two sizes of their popular SaladShooter, a standard model 02910 that retails in the $30-$40 range and a Professional model 02970 for around $60 that includes more accessories and is slightly larger. My review is for the standard model. Either model would make an ideal gift especially for the cheese lover.

4. KitchenAid 17-Pc Classic Tool Set

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
For less than $60, you can get all the basic kitchen tools. KitchenAid kitchen tools are high quality, durable and practical. This set covers all the essentials. An ideal gift for someone setting up their first kitchen or as a complimentary accessory for nonstick cookware.


5. Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker

Photo © Yonanas
With only a frozen banana, you can make a guilt-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free soft serve dessert. You can add some interesting ingredients if you like; it's up to you. But once you enjoy the ease of use, quick clean-up and the tasty offerings from this machine, you'll be hooked. This is a great gift for anyone but especially for those on special diet regimens. The Yonanas Maker does come with some recipes, but consumers have been getting very creative with this treat maker, so there are lots of recipes available. But really, a banana is all you need. Find Yonanas recipes
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6. Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Deluxe Set & Forget Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Deluxe Set & Forget Slow Cooker
Photo © Hamilton Beach

The choice of three ways to cook is definitely it's best attribute, but the Stay or Go style of this Set & Forget slow cooker certainly gives it party appeal. Cooking performance is excellent and that can be attributed somewhat to the lid that seals better than most. As for programming or set-up, the control panel is very easy to understand and use. The slow cooker also washes up nicely. Overall, the Hamilton Beach Deluxe Set & Forget Slow Cooker looks impressive and tends to grab your 'cooking' attention. The accessories give it style as well as function. Simply put - it's a joy to cook with and you can't wait for the next social, to show it off. As for price, you can't beat the value and function you get with this full-featured slow cooker.

7. Hamilton Beach 3-in-One Grill/Griddle

Photo © Hamilton Beach
This is an extremely nice appliance to use, easy to clean and one that gives you three options of cooking surface. It's suitable for singles, couples or families, because this grill/griddle has a total cooking surface of 180 sq.inches.

8. Cuisinart Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
This yogurt and sorbet maker can prepare ice cream, frozen yogurt or drinks in 40 minutes or less. It requires a little preparation first by placing the bowl in the freezer for a few hours to get it cold and ready. After that, follow instructions to a frozen treat.

Also check out the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker. It's extremely popular with consumers and a good way to make your own preservative-free ice cream at home.
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9. Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Cover

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A nice gift for the pet lover - a chair or sofa cover that they can quickly remove to launder. Though very practical, pet owners generally love easy-to-care-for products that make life more comfortable for their pets. The Sure Fit® Deluxe Pet Cover is machine washable and easy to drape over a chair. Pet Covers are available for a chair or a sofa.

10. Sunbeam Cupcake Maker

Sunbeam Cupcake Maker
Photo © Sunbeam

A great little appliance for those who love making cupcakes and muffins, the Sunbeam Cupcake Maker makes them in about 10 minutes.  The appliance has a nonstick interior so clean-up is quick and easy.  Making homemade muffins and cupcakes is a great way to save money, but it also ensures preservative-free baking for desserts or lunches.

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