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A Small Gift Says a Lot


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It can be difficult to decide what to bring a host or hostess when invited for a special meal. Though it's not always necessary to bring a thank you gift, a small token of your appreciation keeps saying thanks long after the dinner has passed. Remember that it's the thought that counts, so keep it simple and affordable. There's no need to say thanks with an expensive gift. For those times when a bottle of wine or spirits is not a good choice, try choosing a small gift from one of my best picks.

1. Assorted Fruit Baskets

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A basket of fruit is always appreciated and a sure way to say 'thanks' to your host. Chose from a nice variety of sizes and prices.
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2. Chef'n Dual Ended Spoon Switchit Spatula

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Chef'n silicone switchit spatulas come in various styles, this one being the Spoon Switchit. Any one of the Chef'n collection of switchits would make a great thank you or hostess gift. They're heat resistant and so colorful and practical that a host will love them. Chef'n has a wide assortment of kitchen tools. Need more Chef'n tool ideas? Compare Prices

3. Candles or Candle Holders Are Often an Excellent Choice

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Candles are usually a great choice for a small gift and there's lots to chose from in various price ranges. Be careful however if anyone in the home has allergies or problems with scents. Candle holders are also an excellent choice which allows them to chose the type of scented or unscented candles they prefer.
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4. IngenuiTEA Teapot by Adagio Teas

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The perfect hostess gift for the tea lover. The IngenuiTEA Teapot is the solution to properly steeping loose leaf teas. It's the ideal gift for the tea lover. Lightweight, simple in design with a valve that releases the tea to any cup size, it's easy to take on vacation, to use at the office or to enjoy tea at home. Adagio makes two sizes of the IngenuiTEA, a 16 oz model for around $19 and a larger 32 oz for $29.
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5. Flavored Gourmet Olive Oil

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Chose from a wide variety of flavored olive oil or a bottle of imported extra virgin olive oils - either choice makes a thoughtful gift for your dinner host.
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6. Keurig Brewer Accessories

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If they have a Keurig single serve brewer, they'll love having some convenient accessories. Chose from stand racks to drawer units for K-cups or Vue pods (two types of Keurig packs).

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7. Select a Gift Basket or Cheese Tray

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Everyone loves to dig into a gift basket or cheese assortment and there's lots to chose from. You can also make your own gift basket, perfectly suited to your dinner host. How to Make a Gift Basket
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8. Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew

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This is considered by many to be the best there is for opening a wine bottle effortlessly. And the Metrokane brand is known for quality products. A bottle of wine is a nice compliment to accompany this hostess gift. Want to see more bar tools? Compare Prices
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9. Teavana Tea Travel Tumbler

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Ideal for the hostess who loves her tea and especially designed with a loose tea filter. The Teavana Tea Tumbler is convenient to grab on the way out the door and small to pack. Add some Teavana teas - compare prices

10. iTouchless Pepper or Salt Mill

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A very innovative pepper or salt mill that's sure to get some looks. Whole pepper and salt mills are chef favorites. Find one they'll love at first sight.

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