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Gifts for the Hunter or Outdoor Enthusiast

Give a Gift They'll Want to Use Immediately


Give a hunter, camper or outdoor enthusiast a gift they'll appreciate and look forward to using on their very next outing. Some of these quality housewares can be enjoyed in the home as well as outdoors, making them very versatile. Cookware to make outdoor adventures or hunting party meals an instant dining success. Hunters appreciate equipment to process and preserve their wild game, making the task that much easier.

1. Coleman Drip Camp Coffee Maker

Coleman Camp Drip Coffee Maker
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For the enthusiast who enjoys their java, a drip coffee maker by the camping professionals - Coleman. This camp coffee maker has pause and serve and easy pour features and is designed to fit on a 2 or 3 burner gas stove. The Coleman Coffee Maker can be used on your camp or RV gas stove to complete your breakfast with drip coffee.

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2. A Handy Tailgate Grill

Margaritaville Tailgate Grill
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This Margaritaville Tailgate grill shown requires a standard 2" receiving hitch on the vehicle, because of its rather unique design - it rides on the hitch and swings around for use once parked. Fueled by propane, it has a large grilling surface and ample power with 20,000 BTU's - more than enough for all those tailgate burgers. A great cooking companion for the outdoorsy type.

There are other designs of tailgate grills available too, in various sizes. Tailgate simply refers to the portability of an outdoor grill, but it does suggest a lot of fun with tailgate dinners. Chose one within your gift budget with a capacity that suits their lifestyle.

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3. Camp Chef Portable Camping Oven

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All the comforts (well, almost) of the home kitchen to take along for tailgate meals, hunting, on picnics, camping and RV'ing. A portable oven comes in very handy on the hunt. This is a very popular model with consumers.

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4. Emson 5 Qt Indoor Smoker

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You can smoke meat, fish and other foods year round with an indoor smoker. Designed to sear, cook and cold smoke. There are very few indoor smokers and this model is a consumer favorite.
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5. Ginsu Kotta Series Stainless Steel Santoku and Cutting Board

Ginsu Kotta Series Stainless Steel Santoku and Cutting Board
Photo © Ginsu

This set has a smart design - a practical cutting board that can be hung or carried, with safe storage for, and handy access to the 7" Santoku knife. Knife and board performance were very good. The knife is quality-constructed, durable and easy to maintain. It's a practical kitchen essential that would also make a nice gift set.

6. Chef's Choice 710 Marine Sharpening Station

Photo © Chef's Choice
Ideal for the fisherman on your list, this electric knife sharpener has a special construction that makes it water resistant so it can go on outdoor excursions. With a couple of handy accessories that includes a scissors sharpener for line cutters and a battery-operated fishhook sharpener, he can enjoy being able to keep his sporting knives sharp, as well as the rest of his gear. Chef's Choice has a wide assortment of electric and manual sharpeners, but this is the best choice for the marine lover or fisherman.

7. Coleman Quad Lantern

Coleman Quad Lantern
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber

A good choice for the sportsman or a family gift for those that love camping or going to tailgate parties.  The Coleman Quad Lantern can be used as one unit with all four LED panels attached, or it can be separated so each member of the party has one to light their way.  Each of the four panels have 6 LED lights and the light range is about 26 feet.

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8. Chef's Choice Premium Food Slicer Model 615

The ideal gift for the wild game hunter. With this slicer, he/she can slice their venison, moose or elk roasts for sandwiches. Built to last, with excellent quality materials and ease of use and clean-up, the 615 would be a versatile kitchen food prep tool.

9. MAC Professional Fillet Knife

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MAC knives are well known for their superior construction, durability and extremely sharp blades. This 7" full tang, resin handled MAC Filleting Knife is very thin and flexible - ideal for filleting fish or boning meats.

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10. Char-Broil the Big Easy Outdoor Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

Char-Broil the Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer
Photo © Char-Broil

If they love spending time outdoors, they'll enjoy this propane fryer. It fries without oil, making it safer than traditional outdoor fryers and produces the same great-tasting results. It's not just for turkeys either, you can fry any meat or poultry, even wild game. Learn more about this oil-less outdoor fryer in my review.

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