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Give Her the Best Gift This Year


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Give the woman in your life a gift she'll appreciate and enjoy using. Find a great gift for her from this selection.

1. Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker

Photo Courtesy Sur La Table
With 700 Watts of power to shave ice and blend drinks, the Margaritaville® Frozen Concoction™ Maker 2000 is the ultimate party appliance for making your favorite frosty beverages. A stylish design with brushed nickel-plated finish, it has a maximum drink capacity of 36 oz in the dishwasher-safe glass pitcher. It's loaded with easy features so you can make a pitcher of drinks in just four steps.
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2. Frigidaire Professional Tri-Blade Immersion Blender/Mixer

Frigidaire Professional Tri-Blade Immersion Blender/Mixer
Photo © Frigidaire
She'll love this immersion blender. The Frigidaire Professional™ Immersion Blender is very well constructed - the fit and ease of connecting various pieces is tremendously easy. Handling is very comfortable and performance is above average. If I didn't know that it had 200 watts, I would think it had a more powerful motor, judging by the ease with which it chops, whips and blends, and how quickly it accomplishes each task. This is a very nice unit, extremely versatile and a joy to use.

3. Fine China Dinnerware

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Start her a collection of fine china or add completer pieces to her set. There's variety of china patterns available to suit every taste. Starting a china collection gives you a gift idea for every occasion while slowly increasing her set.
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4. Ginsu Essentials Bakelite 5-Pc Prep Set

Ginsu Essentials 5-Pc Prep Set
Photo © Ginsu
A compact cutlery set that includes four kitchen knife essentials in an easy-to-place block. Knives have quality stainless blades with sharp edges and comfortable bakelite handles. This set is ideal for the secondary food prep corner.

5. Brother SE-400 Computerized, Embroidery Sewing Machine

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Sewing, embroidery or quilting can be a great way to destress while enjoying a new hobby. It's also a practical gift because she can mend the family's clothing with this machine, but no need to tell her that and spoil the fun. This Brother sewing machine has a handy large flatbed for quilting and embroidery work. A practical yet fun sewing machine in a popular brand.


6. Amba Electric Towel Warmer

Amba Jeeves Towel Warmer
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
This is a gift she'll quickly warm up to - an electric towel warmer to make her bath towel or robe cozy and comfy. These towel warmers come in a variety of sizes and prices so you can find the one that would be best for her bathroom or to install near the outdoor spa area.
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7. Teavana - Chose an Item of Gift Ware or Teas

Teavana Kettle
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
A tea lover would love anything from Teavana. They have a good selection of scrumptious tea blends as well as tea pot, kettles, travel tea mug and cups. If you choose gift ware, make sure to include some teas she can enjoy.
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8. Powell Woodland Jewelry Armoire

Powell Woodland Jewelry Armoire
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
A piece of furniture to store and organize her jewelry is a treasured gift. This would more likely become a timeless heirloom over time. There are many options for jewelry armoires. The one featured is a freestanding Powell Woodland Armoire with several drawers and plenty of places to hang necklaces and keep other treasures. There are also wall-hung models with a mirror front and interior storage for jewelry. Which type you chose will depend on available bedroom floor or wall space and whether you own your home or rent. Either one would be a nice gift. Some assembly may be required.
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9. KitchenAid Counter Blender

KitchenAid Blender
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
KitchenAid makes excellent blenders and their 5-speed models are very popular with consumers. Sturdy and powerful, a KitchenAid blender is a convenient appliance for blending, mixing foods or making a smoothie.
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10. Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker
Photo © Mr. Coffee
Does she love a latte? How about one she can easily make at home for a fraction of the cost? And if she's on any food substitutes for health or allergy reasons, she'll love being able to customize and control additives, sweetening as well as use dairy alternatives. The Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker is simple to use and incorporates the latte processes in one automated step, so she sit and enjoy her custom latte.

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