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Finding the Best Unique Wedding Gift for the Special Couple


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The biggest concern when trying to find the best wedding gift, is buying something different from the ordinary - a unique wedding gift that will not likely be duplicated and of course, that will be very appreciated. These unique wedding gift ideas will help you find the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple.

1. Vornado VFAN Classic Metal Fan

Need a gift for a couple who has everything already? They won't have a classic, vintage look Vornado VFAN portable fan. This fan is not only function with an advanced air movement technology, but it's beautiful to look at. And what a conversation booster. Read review

2. Ginsu Chikara Series 12-Pc Block Cutlery Set

Photo © Ginsu
A stunning cutlery block set that includes various knife essentials plus specialty knives such as a Santoku, steak knives, steel and shears. Knives are quality constructed with Japanese style durable handles. It presents very well and works even better.

3. Cuisinart Coffee PLUS CHW-12 Coffeemaker and Hot Water System

Cuisinart Coffee PLUS CHW-12
Photo © Cuisinart

The Coffee PLUS is a great wedding gift idea especially for the coffee lover AND tea lover.  It makes a rich flavorful coffee, has a drip-free carafe and loads of convenience features including a clean function. The Coffee PLUS™ Coffeemaker makes the grade as a great coffeemaker, but this unit is innovative and the addition of the hot water, definitely gives it consumer appeal. It's ideal for homes with both coffee and tea lovers, but would also be a hit with the rest of the family for instant oatmeal or soup noodles, teas and hot chocolate.

4. Instant Pot Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker

Photo © Instant Pot
This is very handy cooking appliance for the busy cook. Being multifunctional by design, you can choose the type of cooking preferred such as to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, saute or just keep a meal warm. Versatile and well built with a stainless steel inner pot, this cookware is a joy to cook with. Read review

5. Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Digital Slim Vacuum

Photo © Dyson
Excellent suction and grab-and-go convenience are only two features of the Dyson DC44 Animal. And it's also a time-saver. No need to pull out a large vacuum just to tidy up for company, clean up a little mess or sweep after dinner. This is a practical yet fun cleaning tool to have.

6. Amba Electric Towel Warmer

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Give a gift that offers luxurious warmth in way of a heated towel warmer. Truly a unique gift they'll want to show off to all their friends. Amba® Electric Towel Warmers are very popular and they come in various styles, sizes and prices to fit any budget.
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7. Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker

Photo © Mr. Coffee
With an incredibly simple automated process, they will be delighted to be able to make affordable coffee, espresso or tea lattes at home. The Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte Maker has a built-in frother so there's lots of froth on top of this delightful brew. A nice wedding gift that delivers specialty lattes they can customize at will.

8. Instant Pot - Pressure Cooker With Slow Cook With Multiple Functions

Photo © Instant Pot
This smart programmable electric cooker makes pressure cooking safe and super easy with handy preset options. It also has additional functions including slow cook, keep warm, rice cook, saute and steam - all in a beautiful stainless steel inner liner. It's unique gift - a cooking appliance that is very popular with consumers.

9. Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum

Photo © Neato Robotics
An excellent wedding gift for those with busy lifestyles who need extra help keeping the home clean. For the sheer convenience of having the floors and especially under the beds cleaned of dirt, hair, allergens and dust between heavier cleanings, Neato XV-21 proves to be an effective, time-saving vacuum. They can schedule it for automatic cleaning on certain days, or hit Start twice to launch it. It's that simple and Neato will leave home base, navigate through the room(s) and return to recharge.
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10. Crock-Pot Create-A-Crock 5.5 Qt Slow Cooker

Photo © Crock-Pot
A unique wedding or wedding shower gift idea, the Crock-Pot Create-A-Crock Slow Cooker is ideal for a sentimental gift they'll treasure, but practical enough for everyday meals. You can customize it with their favorite pictures for that one-of-a-kind gift. This will be very unique; something to write home about. Crock-Pot has lots of crock designs to chose from and you simply have to order from their website and upload your photos.

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