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Best Hobby Gifts


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Give a Gift Based on Their Hobby or Interests

Since being practical has become an essential for many of us, why give a gift just for the sake of giving? Who wants a gift that may never be used? Buy instead based on what they like to do, be it crafts, fishing, reading, cooking, baking and so on. Gifts that satisfy their interests mean so much more. Theme gifts are appreciated and enjoyed - they'll also thank you for it, over and over again.

My list includes a featured gift item followed by gift ideas that follow the same theme, so there's something for every budget. Match the person on your list to my interest choices and get lots of ideas.

Besides the theme gifts listed, you may also want to check out my Gift Ideas & Hosting Tips for lots of other ideas, as well as my Holiday Readiness Plan, for tips on how to reduce holiday and shopping stress.

1. Best Gifts for the Angler

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
It does not seem to matter how many knives an angler has, they always seem to welcome a new one with open arms. Kershaw is a popular brand of sporting knives and it comes with a protective sheath.

An angler would also appreciate a knife sharpener, new tackle box and any piece of equipment that could be used to preserve or cook their catch.
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2. Best Gifts for the Busy Cook

Photo © Cuisinart
An electric pressure cooker is ideal for the busy cook. They can cook and tenderize meat in minutes, rather than hours. The Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker featured is nicely sized for family cooking and has great safety and convenience features.

A busy cook would also appreciate programmable kitchen appliances, one-dish, quick meals or slow cooker recipe books, or floor care items that make quick work of cleaning chores.

3. Best Gift for Those Who Love: Jerky, Hunting, or to Preserve & Dry Food

Photo © Nesco American Harvest
The ideal gift for those who would love to make their own jerky at home or dry a variety of foods. The Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator is user friendly, affordable and so convenient for drying a variety of fruits, vegetables or making jerky. You can even dry flowers with it. A handy companion accessory to this dehydrator would be a Nesco Jerky Gun Kit. Compare Prices
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4. Best Gifts for Those Who Love to Bake

Photo © Mifflin
The home baker would love a KitchenAid Stand Mixer - the best when it comes to convenient mixing, blending, whipping and kneading. They would also love any type of baking pans, bread machine or baking tools.

5. Best Gifts for Those Who Love to Curl Up With a Book

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Readers usually love to curl up with a good book - hard copy or electronic versions, so a comfy throw is a good choice, as is reading material and a good reading light. Sunbeam's heated Microplush Throw is a cozy wrap for those cool evening reading sessions.
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6. Best Gifts for The Coffee Lover

Photo © Cuisinart
The Cuisinart Brew Central is a popular programmable coffee maker that makes superb coffee and has good features for customizing your brew. Even if the coffee lover on your list already has a coffee maker, you'll find that they will always welcome a new coffee brewer

Other good choices include a gift basket full of coffees, a single serve brewer, a gift certificate for coffees or a coffee grinder. Need coffee maker buying tips?

7. Best Gifts for the Home Chef

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
The Chicago Cutlery Insignia Premier Knife Block Set is an 18 pc professional quality set in a hardwood block. Chicago Cutlery is a very popular brand, their knives are well constructed with full tang and durable sharp edges.

Other gift choices include a food processor, cooking utensils, cookware, cookbooks, cutting boards and cooking equipment. You may also want to look at some of the gift ideas for the person who likes to grill.
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8. Best Gifts for Those Who Love to Entertain

Photo © Crock-Pot
It's so much easier to host a party or social with the appropriate appliances or kitchen tools so a gift that helps would be very appreciated. The Crock-Pot Triple Dipper is a fun appliance to keep dips warm. Other gift ideas include buffet servingware, chafing dishes, slow cookers, serving bowls and grills.

9. Best Gifts for Those Who Love to Grill - Anytime

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
The Zojirushi Indoor Grill has great features for grilling indoors and it's a consumer favorite. It would also make a great gift for those who hate to put away their outdoor grill when winter sets in. Other good choices include outdoor grills, grilling tools and cookbooks.
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10. Best Gifts for the Tea Lover

Photo © Chef's Choice
The Chef's Choice Smart Kettle is the ideal gift for the avid tea lover because it has advanced features for the optimum tea steeping temperature. It's also easy to use, clean and looks great - the ultimate tea lover's kettle.

Other gifts for the tea drinker include tea brewers, teapots, assortment or basket of teas. Also consider single serve brewers because you can buy all kinds of tea pods, K-cups or capsules for easy brewing.

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