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ReGifting Rules - Passing it on Without Guilt!

ReGifting - What You Should or Shouldn't Do With That Gift


ReGifting Rules - Passing it on Without Guilt! Photo © Mifflin
Regifting is quite acceptable, after all it's merely recycling something you have no need of and could be thoroughly enjoyed by someone else. However, there are some rules to regift by to make sure that the 'regiftee' is pleased with the gift.

When should you regift or not even consider this gift-giving strategy? The answer lies in the gift itself - what it is, and what you can do to ensure it's a great gift.

When is ReGifting Acceptable?

We often receive gifts that we have absolutely no need for or we already have such an item or appliance, and keeping a double would serve no purpose. This often occurs with wedding gifts where the happy couple receives a number of similar or duplicate kitchen appliances, or at Christmas when festive gifts or ornaments are received. You may have received an unwanted gift for a birthday or anytime for that matter.

When it comes to personal items such as clothing, health care items and such, re-gifting should not even be considered. But I would rather see appliances, kitchenware and home decor items passed on to someone else to enjoy, rather then see these unwanted gifts be delegated to the basement or garage for years (even decades), from lack of need or want.

Rules for ReGifting
  • Keep the gift in its original packaging. This is a must! And make sure all the parts/accessories including the instruction brochure or manual are in the box.
  • Protect the gift and packaging from breakage and deterioration while it is being stored. Bag it to seal out dust and prevent fading from the sun.
  • Never regift something broken, used, has a part missing or doesn't work.
  • Never regift just to save money. The motive should always be to give a gift that will be enjoyed. Saving money in the end is just a bonus of regifting.
  • Never regift to the person who gave it to you. If there is any possibility you may forget who gave it, add a temporary removable tag to remind you.
  • Never regift something personal.
  • Never regift an item that is out of style. It's best not to store it too long. Appliances can and do go out of style over time. You wouldn't want to regift an older appliance when two 'improved' models are now on the market.
  • Give a gift that suits the receiver or that they'd love to get. This simple gift-giving rule applies even more so with re-gifting. Consider how it will be received. You wouldn't regift a blender to someone who hates to cook and bake, nor would you give a rustic country home decor item to someone with a contemporary styling.
Other Options for Those Unwanted Gifts
  • If you find it hard to regift, it won't feel like you're regifting if you simply pass it on to someone who will enjoy it - not as a gift, but just because you know they can make use of it.
  • Donate it to a charitable organization for their penny-auction table, or to an appliance receiving center where it can be sold to support a cause.
  • Donate it to a homeless shelter, food bank or crisis center, where it can be passed on to a family who needs it. What a joy for that family to receive a new item instead of a used one.
  • New appliances, gadgets or kitchenware make great shower prizes.
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