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Green Topper - Complete Your Gift With a Kitchen Tool

Top Your Gift With a Very Usable Kitchen Item


Kitchen Tool Topper

Kitchen Tool Topper

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Why use a bow to complete your gift wrapping when you can tie on a 'green' topper - a new kitchen utensil or gadget that's perfectly usable.

Kitchen utensils such as a stainless steel whisk, ice cream scoop, slotted or serving spoon or 2 silicone spatulas look so inviting on a gift. A kitchen gadget topper is a little clue of the great gift that's inside the box.

For fun gift exchanges, a gift with a 'green' topper is a real hit and it's the one everyone wants to end the exchange with.

Bows seldom are recycled and usually just end up flattened in a drawer or box. Top your gift with something useful - they'll love it!

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