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Be a Smart Shopper and Save on Your Gift Budget

Fill Your Gift List & Stay on Budget


Shopping for gifts on a limited budget can be very challenging, but certainly not impossible. However, you'll need to do some planning, be focused and ever watchful for savings and value.

  1. Set a Gift Budget:
    Make a gift list with budgeted amounts, then reduce it overall by at least 10%. You can still find a great gift for less and the savings will allow for the cost of shopping (coffee, meals, bus, parking).
  2. Browse Online & Make Gift Decisions:
    You'll use less shopping time if you get gift ideas and compare prices online. It will help you to narrow your gift choices making your actual shopping trip shorter. You're also more likely to stick to your gift budget.
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  3. Be Gift Focused:
    There are times when you can find the perfect gift just while you're browsing and visiting various shops. However, you can easily be tempted to pick up more for yourself (that you may not need) and use more fuel store hopping, than if you go focused on your gift list and know exactly what you're looking for.
  4. Shop Online for Deals:
    In many cases, shopping online can save you travel time and money, since you can take advantage of great deals and rebates from your own home.
  5. Save on Shipping:
    Many online dealers offer free or discounted shipping when you combine orders. The shipping costs saved could cover the cost of another gift on your list.
  6. Take Advantage of Free Gift Wrapping:
    Some retailers offer free wrapping and this can save you a couple of dollars per gift.
  7. Gift Cards:
    When you can't decide on a particular gift, a gift card may be the best choice. But buy cards from a reputable dealer. A gift card enables the receiver to buy something they really want. Also buy only gift cards that can be redeemed by the receiver online or in their own area.
  8. Re-Gifting:
    Consider re-gifting but follow these Re-gifting Rules for a successful gift.
  9. Add a Practical Gift Topper:
    Instead of a bow or ribbon which will end up in the trash, consider attaching an economical kitchen gadget to the top of the gift. The cost might be the same as buying a bow and the receiver gets a bonus item they can use. It also adds parcel appeal to the gift.
  10. Include Accessories:
    Complete the gift by including necessary batteries. No one likes to get a gift that doesn't work right away. Read more about gift accessories.
  11. Gift Baskets:
    For someone who is hard to buy for, consider a gift basket of things they'd enjoy such as teas, coffees, candy or other favorites. Learn how to make a gift basket and other gift basket ideas. A good budget stretcher and a gift that is always appreciated, is a basket or tin of homemade goodies and cookies.
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