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Sunbeam Slumber Rest LoftTec Heated Throw Review

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Sunbeam Slumber Rest LoftTec Heated Throw Review

Sunbeam LofTec Heated Throw

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Sunbeam makes a variety of heated throws which includes brands: LofTec™, Microplush™ and RoyalMink™, as well numerous heated bedding items. Their throws are similar in features and heating technology but vary when it comes to fabric. The one reviewed is the LofTec™ Heated Throw.

Product Despcription

    Sunbeam® LoftTec™ Heated Throw, Walnut
  • Soft, lofty material
  • ThermoFine® technology senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth
  • Lighted EliteStyle™ II controller with 3 heat settings and 3-hour auto-off
  • Dimensions: 50in x 60in
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Conforms to UL Certification Standard 964
  • 5-Year limited warranty
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • MSRP $49.99 Available in a variety of colors

How the Sunbeam Loftec Heated Throw Performed

December 1, 2011
First impression: The extreme softness of the fleece-like 100% polyester material that is two layers thick (middle is heating system), making it a warm, cozy and weighty throw even when the heat is not turned on. The size is ideal, where some throws are short, this one is 60" long, that's enough to cover your feet and a generous 50" wide to wrap around you. The throw reviewed is Walnut, a color that makes the throw look luxurious, but unfortunately does make lint stand out.

Already familiar with Sunbeam's heated blankets, I really enjoyed this smaller, more casual and personal version in the form of a throw. Being able to recline on the couch with a heated throw is so nice and helps you quickly unwind - what a stress reliever. With a warm throw, I was able to turn down the heat in the room while watching a movie and still be very comfortable. It became my personal zone heater so to speak.

For those who have never tried a heated blanket or throw, you can tell there are wires inside and it gives it a stiffer overall feel, compared to an unheated throw. This is to be expected, but surprisingly, this throw is a little stiffer than my thinner Sunbeam Heated Bed Blanket. So instead of snuggling or bunching it against you, it's more of a warming cover-up that you can gently wrap around you. There's no heating wires in about 6" from the side seams and about 10" from top and bottom, making the throw more snuggable at those ends.

The heating system in this throw is designed to sense and adjust and it seems to do a fair job when it comes to overall warming evenly and quickly. I really like the 3-hour auto shut-off; that's a great safety feature and reduces the risk of forgetting to turn it off. The heating control has three settings: Low, Medium and High. I used it mostly on warm or medium. The electrical cord had a nice length (about 5') with the controller part way closer to the throw. That allows you position the control over the arm of the chair or where you can reach it easily.

As with any heated bedding, you do need to exercise care when using the throw, to not bend or step on it which could break or damage the heating wires or controller. And that means not to let the throw get caught in a recliner's mechanism or to allow pets to chew on it. Folding the throw to store is not a problem. So you need to be aware of how you use the throw and where the cord and controller are - that's just standard care.

As for laundering, this throw is machine washable in cold water, but follow exact washing and drying instructions which are detailed right on the throw. You can dry it in the dryer for a couple of minutes on low and then drape it over something to air dry. Heated bedding should never be dry cleaned. This particular throw has not been washed yet, but I have laundered Sunbeam's heated blankets for years with no problem. So there's no need to worry about washing and drying heated throws, just follow instructions. I would wash and dry it by itself though to keep the fabric looking nice and to reduce the risk of pilling from other fabrics.

The manufacturer also includes good safety information that should be read, one of which is that this throw should not be used by persons who are insensitive to heat or have poor blood circulation.

Overall Impression

Sunbeam™ has been manufacturing heated bedding for decades and has earned a solid reputation with consumers. I have no problem recommending any of their heated bedding and throws. The LofTec™ Throw fabric is soft, feels like quality fleece and is an excellent size. The heating system works well, there's a good choice of heat settings and it has a great safety feature - an auto shut-off.

Heated bedding should be used with care and laundered as per the manufacturer's recommendations. For more detailed information about Sunbeam heated throws, see their: Sunbeam Heated Bedding Use and Care Page.

Heated bedding and throws make ideal gifts.

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