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Prank Pack Genuine Fake Gift Boxes Review

Review of Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes

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Prank Pack Genuine Fake Gift Boxes Review

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes

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Prank Pack™ Genuine Fake Gift Boxes are sold as empty gift boxes that you use to package your real gift. The person receiving the gift will think you bought them a nutty gift when they see the product images on the box, until they open it to reveal the true gift. They're a great way to fool your friends. I love the idea and there's quite a choice of designs to chose from, so it's not hard to find something suitable (or not) for someone. They're a joke in the making.

Product Despcription

    Prank Pack™ Genuine Fake Gift Boxes are sold empty:
  • Boxes are 11.25"L x 9"W x 3.25D", empty and ready for your real gift
  • Full-color printing on every side - shows ridiculous product that creates an illusion of a stupid off-the-shelf product
  • Quick assembly with pressed folds
  • Bright yellow flaps with 'Prank You!' on them
  • Sturdy card stock construction
  • MSRP:$8.00
  • Learn more from the manufacturer

Overall Impression

November 25, 2011
I think what impresses me the most about these Prank Pack™ Fake Gift Boxes is how genuine they look. There are UPC symbols on them, different high quality photos and lifestyle images of the fake product on all sides of the box. They look so believable! And that's what you want for a gag gift box. In fact, the fake product information is so hilarious that you can't help but read it all.

The construction card stock seems comparable to most generic gift boxes. They come wrapped in protective plastic and are quick to assemble from their flattened shipping state, since there are pressed folds and generous end tabs. The size seems fine for many gift items, such as a shirt, scarf, electronic item or a bundle of socks. You might have to refold a dress shirt to fit, but there's ample room for one. The clincher - a flap with the words 'Prank You!' in bold black letters on yellow. You can't miss that tab when the gift is opened. Unless the box is manhandled after opening, it might be reusable.

There's twelve different designs to chose from, three of which are pending release at press time. Lots of variety means you can gift several people with different gift boxes at the same event and keep the entertainment going around the room.

I like the fact that there's a $5 flat rate shipping charge, regardless how many Prank Pack gift boxes you order. The price of the gift boxes is reasonable and comparable price-wise to plain, boring run-of-the-mill gift boxes, but these will definitely say so much more. They surely will ignite spontaneous humor and inspire conversation.

These Prank Pack™ fake gift boxes are a hoot! Haven't you ever wanted to gag your friends with a joke box that contains their real gift? Imagine wrapping a sought-after tablet in one of these - First comes the let down as they unwrap; a short delay while they take in the product information; then comes the laughter followed by shouts of joy when they see the real gift.

And you can sit back smugly and watch. I can certainly think of several occasions to use these, such as family gift openings, holiday group gift exchanges, office parties or to fun-wrap birthday gifts. These gift boxes can be used for any occasion, not just the holidays. The perfect gift box to follow your "...it's just a little something I thought you could use".

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