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Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark Review

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Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark Review

Air Swimmers Flying Shark

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After seeing videos of flying fish I was hooked on trying an Air Swimmer to see how much fun it can add to a family dinner, holiday event or just to 'break the ice' and inspire fun and conversation.

Product Despcription

    Air Swimmers Flying Shark made by William Mark Corp.
  • Remote Control operation - climb, descend and tail fin control
  • Fill with helium; needs four AAA batteries; assembly required
  • Infra-red controller; range up to 40 feet
  • Size: 57"L with tail; 36"H with fins
  • Up, down and 360 degree turning control
  • Moves like a real shark; steers in any direction
  • Indoor use only
  • For ages 8 and up
  • Durable nylon material; inflate over and over again; stays up for weeks
  • Learn more from ThinkGeek; watch video
  • Retails for around $39

How the Air Swimmers Shark Performed

January 3, 2012
We were all hovering and most anxious to open the box when this product arrived, but we had to delay the launch for some preliminaries. You need to be prepared to take it out somewhere to get it filled with helium and remember to take a tether with you for the return trip home. Then you have to spend about half an hour assembling the tail, fins and attach all the works that makes this flying shark remote controlled. Instructions are good, it's just a little time-consuming getting it set up. For a party, it should be set up ahead of time. Helium costs will vary and most establishments are not used to filling such large items, but we found the $3.00 charge more than reasonable. You also need four AAA batteries on hand and of course, a few spares.

As for the design of this flying shark, the colors and shape are very realistic down to the multi rows of teeth and fin action. The motorized attachment is designed to move forwards and backwards on the shark's belly in order to make it dip, dive or climb at your prompting (control) and this system seems to work well. These parts are attached by sticky tabs to the shark and if you use the wrong tabs, it will fall off - so follow instructions. There's a good amount of sticky tabs supplied in the box.

Air Swimmers are designed for fun and that it does do. It was a hoot to watch this shark 'swim' across the living room and through the rest of the main floor. Everyone wanted a chance at the controls. When not in use, you can simply tether it to a lamp or in a corner and it will just hover in place close to the ceiling. Air changes in the room can make it move slightly, hence the reason for the tether. I expect the helium to dissipate in a few days, at which time it can be reboxed for some future fun.

Overall Impression

Air Swimmers are fun toys that can help to liven up a party, inspire conversation and lighten up the mood with a few laughs. As for durability, the material is supposedly nylon but it feels more like thin rubber similar to that of balloons. It's hard to say how long it will last but I certainly would not expect a long life, because the material looks like it would be easy to puncture. The control and mechanism are mostly lightweight plastic, so durability of these parts is very questionable.

Our home is not large so maybe not the ideal 'ocean' for this oversized fish. I can picture this flying shark in an office building, a mall or any large indoor space. You can control it fairly well. At time of writing, this Air Swimmer is still hovering after a week, so I'm not sure how long the helium will last. I'll update this review later.

According to the manufacturer, you can refill this flying shark so it should be good for several uses as long as the pets don't net it or it comes into contact with sharp objects. For the price and given the construction and questionable longevity, I would consider this one of those gag toys that you buy to add fun to a particular event, holiday or party and if it survives that function to see another day - bonus.

It was most enjoyable for our family gathering and has the character to incite laughter, something we all need more of. If your family needs a lift, consider an Air Swimmer to enhance family night. Air Swimmers also has a bright striped Clownfish if you don't like sharks. This is ideal gift for those hard-to-buy-for on your list, those who love gag gifts or the practical joker.

About the Company and Related Resources

ThinkGeek is a popular retail site that offers a wide array of fun and interesting items as well as handy housewares. Air Swimmers are made by the William Mark Corp. and are sold in two models, the Flying Shark and Clownfish.

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