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Best Kitchen Gadget Gifts


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Cool kitchen gadgets to compliment your kitchen. Economical kitchen gadgets are great for wedding shower prizes, gift giving or stocking stuffers. In most cases, gadgets are time-savers, which means more free time for doing other things. Reward yourself or give a kitchen gadget. So happy shopping!

1. Mastrad Nut Cracker

Photo © Mastrad
You might pay a little more for the Mastrad Nut Cracker, but it's the easiest and best one I've ever used. It's easier on the hands because you are simply turning the top of this nut cracker and the inner workings tighten around the whole nut until it cracks. There's no uncomfortable squeezing or frustration, because the nut stays securely in its place.

2. PoachPod Stainless by Fusionbrands, Set of 2

Photo © Fusionbrands

The original PoachPod® set were silicone and these are still available, but the newest models are stainless and there's considerable improvement when it comes to handling. They're a great tool if you love poached eggs to keep it intact during cooking. They are also easy to use as you can see from the image and fun too. You'll need a small pan and spray cooking oil to keep them from sticking while they poach. Sliding them off the pods onto the plate is no problem and you can also get an optional lift tool that makes it super easy. This is an inexpensive gadget that works well for poaching eggs.

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3. Oxo Good Grips Wire Cheese Slicer

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
This Oxo Good Grips Wire Cheese Slicer is specially designed for slicing soft cheeses. Part of the Oxo Good Grips line of kitchen tools, this slicer has a comfort grip to reduce hand strain.

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4. Circle Kabobs by Charcoal Companion

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Well, not quite a kitchen gadget unless you have an indoor grill, but grilling tools that are fun to use and serve kabobs with. The Circle Kabobs look awesome on a plate and only take a little more room on a grill than standard straight skewers. Why go for the ordinary, when there's something just as functional that's affordable yet elegant?

5. Progressive Prep Solutions Pronto Crank Pepper/Salt Mill

Photo © Progressive
A stylish and easy to use pepper or salt mill with comfortable handling and choice of grinding options. This mill holds much more coarse pepper or salt than many other brands and the quality of construction is evident. It makes an ideal hostess gift or gift for any occasion.

6. Zyliss Classic Cheese Grater

Zyliss Classic Cheese Grater
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber

Bring the restaurant feel to your home salads with the Zyliss Classic Cheese Grater.  Made for hard cheeses like Parmessan, it's easy to use and reasonable to clean.  Top your salads with fresh grated cheese - it's fun for the family to grate their own.

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7. Silvermark Herb Snips

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
For the herb lover - a pair of Silvermark Herb Snips. These herb snips are very sharp, and are designed for a comfort grip. They separate easily for cleaning.

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8. KitchenAid Silicone Spatula

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
A convenient silicone spatula shaped like a spoon for good blending and mixing. Made of silicone, this KitchenAid Spatula can take the heat and can be used right in a hot pan on the stove. KitchenAid spatulas are available in various colors.

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9. Chef'n Switchit Dual Ended Long Spatula

Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
This is a dual ended, long spatula made of silicone for mixing or blending, especially in hot pans. Chef'n Spatulas have a unique design that enables them to reach every angle of the pan or bowl, so foods can't stick or hide in corners of the pan.

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10. Henckels Twin Pizza Cutter

Henckels Twin Pizza Cutter
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber

A good pizza cutter is a must if you enjoy pizza occasionally and this Henckels model offers quality and a good design for easily slicing through a thick pizza.  The 18/10 stainless steel finish will look nice for years and will clean up well too.

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