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Dropping Muffin Batter With a Spring Scoop

Spring Scoops Serve More Than Ice Cream


Dropping Batter With a Spring Scoop

Dropping Batter With a Spring Scoop

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Stainless spring-action scoops have become must-have utensils in my kitchen, serving up much more than just ice cream. Designed for easy scoop-and-release of ice cream, this handy kitchen tool is very versatile and can be used for several food preparation and serving uses.

One such use for spring ice cream scoops is filling muffin tins with batter. It's faster and easier with a spring scoop. I use a 1-1/2" to 2" size spring scoop to quickly, evenly and cleanly fill the cups. If you like higher muffins, you can add a partial scoop to suit. For mini muffins, use a 1" scoop.

After use, it's a good idea to wash your spring scoop immediately to ensure that you keep the utensil mechanism thoroughly clean and free of food residue.

Basic spring scoops are very economical but quality stainless steel scoops are worth the little extra cost. They are more durable, nicer to handle, rust-free and easier to clean. Available in various sizes, you can find spring-action stainless scoops at most kitchenware retailers.

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