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Silicone Tools Can Take the Heat in the Kitchen


Silicone Spatulas

Silicone Spatulas

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Cooking and baking tools that can take the heat, now that’s a great concept. I decided to break into this new line rather small with a colorful spatula and I was very impressed. I can hardly wait to branch out to silicone muffin pans, which feel and look like rubber that you can twist and muffins should pop right out.

I’ve put the spatula through a trial run and after a year, it still looks new. And yes, I did use it! It has no missing corners which is usually the case when the old rubber style of spatula suffers a melt-down. Silicone baking tools have longer handles and are dishwasher safe due to their high heat rating.

But their best feature is that silicone is rated to withstand heat temperatures without melting. However, these ratings vary by manufacturer. My spatula is rated and labeled to withstand 450 degrees. Some silicone tools have higher heat ratings, some as high as 900 degrees. When buying silicone tools, look for higher heat ratings - it makes them more functional for use in skillets and hot pans.

However, the handles or other parts of silicone kitchen tools may not be as heat resistant and care is needed when using these. Silicone kitchen tools are also resistant to discoloring and cool down very quickly. While some silicone tool handles are plastic which makes them very easy to remove and clean, wooden handles may be sturdier, but need more care and must be dried completely to avoid a bacteria build-up on the inserted part of the tool.

As far as pricing goes, they are just slightly more expensive than their counterparts, but with heat resistant features, they’ll be around a lot longer.

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