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Rosette Tools - Tips for Using Rosette or Timbale Tools to Make Crisp Cookies

Making Deep-Fried Rosette Cookies


Rosette Tools - Tips for Using Rosette or Timbale Tools to Make Crisp Cookies

Rosette Cookies

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Rosette Makers or Rosette & Timbale Sets are tools for making crisp deep fried cookies which not only taste great, but are fun to make and look beautiful on a dessert platter.

Rosette tools come in sets with a double handle and two molds, or as a single handle with an assortment of iron molds.

Try this Rosette Recipe from Busy Cooks at About and follow these helpful tips to ensure good results when making rosettes.

  • Maintaining a constant oil heat is crucial for good results. This is easier with a variable heat controlled deep fryer, or with the use of a candy thermometer.
    I prefer a shallower frypan or saucepan because it allows more frying room. In this case, it may be necessary to adjust the heat to keep the oil from getting too hot, which could be hazardous.
  • You need about 3" to 4" of oil for deep frying.
  • Use a wide shallow bowl or a bread pan for the batter to ensure that there is enough space to dip the double iron into the batter.

  • Proper adhesion of the batter to the mold depends on the iron being just the right temperature. Too hot or too cold and the batter will start to slide off.
  • After you've dipped your iron in the hot oil, wait a couple of seconds to slightly cool the iron, then dip it in the batter. This is a trial and error process, to gauge how long to wait so the iron will not be too hot.
  • When dipping in batter, ensure that it does not come over the top of the mold - this will make removing the cookie difficult.

  • Immerse the battered mold completely in the hot oil.
  • Browning or frying is very quick - the bubbling will be reduced when done, and the cookie should be a nice light brown.
  • If your cookie drops off into the oil, use tongs to turn it over so it fries on both sides evenly, instead of floating on top.

  • Drop the deep fried rosettes on a paper towel. You can use a wooden spoon to 'push' or gently 'tap' the cookie off the mold if necessary.
  • Partially cool, then dip the cookies in a small amount of sugar and cinnamon.
  • Wash iron and molds and dry completely before storing.

  • For a thinner, crispier cookie add a little milk for a thinner batter.
  • A drop of almond flavoring is nice.
  • Store cookies in a tight sealed container.

  • Rosettes can be frozen and there's no need to thaw them before serving.
For pastry shells using a Rosette Tool, batter should be cold and follow the same instructions above. But ensure that the bottom of the pastry mold is well covered with batter and that the mold is placed into the oil on a slight angle and, straightening it when fully immersed.

Rosettes are not only served at Christmas, but can be enjoyed year round. They can also be used to garnish a cake or dessert.
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