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Small Hand Operated Food Choppers


Small Hand Operated Food Choppers

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Small food chopping tasks like nuts, onions and herbs can make you think twice about getting the large food processor out of the cabinet. So here's a handy little kitchen gadget to the rescue. Most hand-operated choppers are plunger style, self-contained units that can be used on a cutting board. Though the capacity is small - not more than one onion can be chopped at once, they still are quicker than manually cutting. Clean-up is also usually very quick.

Hand operated food choppers have been around a long time, they are not a new invention. Even with an electric food processor in the kitchen, they still remain handy for those small food preparations. How many times have you opted to manually chop walnuts or carrots for a salad, because the thought of having to take apart a big food processor was not very appealing for a small task. And having to clean it later was even less appealing.

They would also be a big help to those who have trouble handling knives or chopping. When buying one, you should ensure it has stainless steel blades and that they remove easily for cleaning. Parts can usually go on the top rack of the dishwasher, on air dry of course.

These are sold at most major kitchenware retailers. Economical and time savers, they are handy kitchen gadgets that surely earn their compact storage space.

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