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Handy Kitchen Slicers and Cutters

Slicers and Cutters That Make the Grade


Handy Kitchen Slicers and Cutters

Kitchen Cutters and Slicers

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There are various kitchen cutters and slicers on the market and these three are some of the handiest. Though you might not use these every day, they are very convenient for certain food slicing tasks.

The cutter shown on the left is a Pampered Chef Crinkle Cutter. Its claim to fame is slicing carrots, radishes, cheese and hard vegetables with a wavy cut, rather than a straight edge. You can also easily cut herbs with this slicer.

Since presentation is tops when it comes to food, this tool makes quite a hit. Though some would use this cutter just when entertaining, it's a nice way to dress up these veggies, to jazz up a family meal.
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On the top right you'll find an apple cutter corer. Also called an apple wedger, this tool works very well to core the apple while slicing. You do have to pull out the core from the cutter, it often tends to get stuck there, but it's quick and easy.

The design of the apple slicer makes it more difficult to store, but worth it for the sliced results. When using this apple cutter, always use a cutting board under this sharp tool to protect your counter. Slicing an apple with this tool is always a hit with the kids, and apple slices are just right for dipping in your favorite fruit dip.
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Egg slicers (bottom right) have been around a long time and they come in various designs and quality construction. This one is made by Trudeau and it has an added feature - a pin prick - so you can poke a small hole in an egg if you so choose. It's well made and a handy slicer for eggs or mushrooms.

I like the lower profile of this slicer - it's easier to store than some others. A kitchen essential, the egg slicer is a time-saver tool when it comes to adding boiled eggs to salads, or making egg salad sandwiches.
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