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Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush™ Toilet Cleaning System

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Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush™ Wand & Flushables™

Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush™ Wand & Flushables™

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The Bottom Line

Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush™ Toilet Cleaning System is very efficient, convenient and easy to use. Two disposable accessories are available for this wand, Flushables™ and Max Heavy Duty Pad™ refills. With disposable refills, you can clean the toilet and get rid of the germs. Flushables makes it easy to do a quick toilet cleaning before guests arrive.
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  • Nice curved handle shape with adequate length
  • Easy to load
  • Handy for quick clean-ups
  • Two types of interchangeable pads
  • Can hang handle from the toilet tank


  • Flushables tend to break apart easily - use care when attaching


  • The Fresh Brush™ Max Starter Kit comes with a durable 19" handle, storage hook and 2 disposable Max pads for $5.29
  • Refills available for Fresh Brush: Disposable Max Heavy Duty Pad™ and Flushables™
  • Fresh Brush wand has a curved shape for cleaning under toilet bowl rim
  • Fresh Brush Max Heavy Duty Pads clean hard water, limescale, rust and more. They come in a refill pack of 8 for $4.39.
  • Flushables™ have a light citrus fragrance and come in a refill pack of 12 for $4.39
  • Do not use or mix these products with other cleaners
  • Visit the S.C. Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Max site for more details

Guide Review - Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush™ Toilet Cleaning System

Once you've purchased the Fresh Brush™ handle kit, you can use two types of disposable refills with this toilet cleaning system. Handle assembly is easy and permanent. Attaching and removing refills is a simple push-button operation. I especially like the contoured shape of the handle; it lends easily to cleaning under the rim and into the bottom of the bowl. Being able to hang it from the tank with the included plastic hook is so much nicer than storing a toilet brush in the corner.

Flushables™ are softer pad refills with a foaming cleanser. These can be flushed, even if you have a septic system. They do tend to fall apart easily with handling, so use care when attaching as you need a full pad for a secure fit in the handle. After a few minutes of use, they start disintegrating which is not a bad thing really, since they're flushable and made for a quick clean-up only.

The Max Heavy Duty Pads™ are single-use, with abrasive fibers and Tough Stains formula for a longer cleaning. They work very well, actually faster than using cleaner and a brush. Just squeeze out excess water, release and toss the pad in the trash. Both refill pads are activated with water and have sufficient cleanser for their intended use.

I like the convenience of the Fresh Brush system, and being able to dispose of used cleaning pads. It certainly beats an old toilet brush hanging around the bathroom.
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 5 out of 5
GREAT, Member andovercove

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush was bought by my sister while here assisting me. I was not crazy about ""gadgets"" as most never live up to the addvertising. Wrong-I find I clean my toilet more frequently as it is no longer a messy chore. Only problem, I cannot locate another handle and I have tried 3 different store. Even had to pick up the pads ( 10 packages when I went home to NY) do not know why MO is not stocking these. I will keep looking, when I find a product that lives up to it's promise, I stay with them!

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