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Graviti Battery Operated Pepper Mill by Trudeau

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Trudeau Graviti Pepper Mill

Trudeau Graviti Pepper Mill

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The Bottom Line

This is definitely a fun and convenient kitchen tool. The Trudeau Graviti Battery-Operated Pepper Mill is easy to use, fill and can be operated with one hand. Just turn it over and it grinds - it's that simple! You won't want to use a regular mill or shaker after using this pepper mill. And if you've never used a pepper mill before, you'll readily notice the taste difference freshly ground pepper can make. A good buy and a great gift idea. Remember to include batteries.
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  • Fun to use & one-handed too
  • Operates quickly and easily
  • Convenient
  • Just flip it over and gravity will turn it on
  • You can adjust the grind to your preference


  • Requires 6 AAA batteries


  • Graviti Battery-Operated Pepper Mill
  • Ceramic mill operation
  • Adjust grind by turning the top knob
  • Stylish colors and models available
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Can also be used for grinding sea salt

Guide Review - Graviti Battery Operated Pepper Mill by Trudeau

The Trudeau Graviti Pepper Mill came filled with an assortment of whole peppers for a nice blend of seasonings. Inserting the batteries was not a problem - instructions were clear. It does take 6 AAA batteries, definitely the downside of this mill, but so far they've lasted 3 months and counting. I'll provide an update of battery life as available. According to the manufacturer, batteries should last about a year under normal use.

Operation doesn't get any simpler - there is no button to push, just turn the pepper mill over and gravity initiates the grinding operation. Effortless and convenient one-hand operation. You can adjust how fine you want the grinding with the small knob on top of the mill. Filling wasn't difficult either, but fill only to the indicated line.

Several colors are available, but the one featured is the Black and Silver No. 716908 which was purchased in Canada. Various models are available in different countries.
Visit the Trudeau Corporation website to see their Battery-Operated Pepper Mill Collection and their full kitchen product line.
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 5 out of 5
easy and great, Member figarro37

I got this about two years maybe and very much love it. When I first got it, and still, it has been a conversation peice as well. It is one of the most loved things in my kitchen. What I like is that when cooking I don't need two hands to use it or have to try and hold it and press a button that is never easy enough to press. Highly recommend this

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