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Grater Tongs by Silvermark - High-Quality Tongs With Grater

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Grater Tongs by Silvermark - High-Quality Tongs With Grater

Grater Tongs by Silvermark

Photo Courtesy of Silvermark

The Bottom Line

These Silvermark Grater Tongs are outstanding - the best I've used, with a very comfortable grip, and the built-in graters are a great convenience feature for garnishing. Two sizes are available, with or without the Santoprene™ rubber for non-slip handles. A great culinary tool - every kitchen should have one.


  • Outstanding quality with terrific spring action
  • Easy locking device
  • Coarse and fine grating
  • Comfortable and great size - easy to use


  • None


  • High-quality stainless steel construction with brushed finish
  • Built-in fine and coarse graters
  • Two sizes available - 9" #S04058, and 12" #S04059
  • Available with or without Santoprene™ rubber on handles
  • "Pinch-free" design
  • Chain for hanging
  • Locking feature for storage,

Guide Review - Grater Tongs by Silvermark - High-Quality Tongs With Grater

These tongs are a real pleasure to use, and I especially like the ones with the Santoprene for a non-slip grip. They are well made, durable, strong, and have a beautiful brushed stainless steel finish. They are very comfortable to grip due to the nice "pinch-free" design.

Grating is terrific, with fine or coarse options and no need to take out a larger grater for garnishing or adding cheese or garlic while cooking or serving.

A marvelous professional dual function kitchen tool at a great price.

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