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Presto SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder 2910 Review

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Presto SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder 2910 Review

Presto SaladShooter 2910

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There are lots of slicers and shredders on the market, but they're not all convenient when it comes to shredding or slicing, especially small amounts. Who wants to take out and clean a large food processor just to top the pizza or slice a cucumber or two. And doing it manually can be a drag. That's where an easy-to-clean compact electric slicer/shredder can save time, while keeping storage to a minimum. Sound good? Let's see how the SaladShooter® fares in real time.

Product Despcription

    Presto® SaladShooter® Electric Slicer/Shredder Model 02910
  • Point and shoot where you want it
  • Compact, easy to clean
  • Interchangeable slicing/shredding cones; two cones included
  • Slices or shreds vegetables, fruit and cheese; make bread or cracker crumbs; chops nuts; grates chocolate
  • Size: 3.25"W x 6.88D x 9.68"H
  • Detachable parts are dishwasher safe; base wipes clean
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • 1 Year warranty

How the SaladShooter Performed

January 18, 2012
This has to be one of the least complicated and most user friendly food processing type of appliance I've used. You simply attach the food chamber, choose the slicing or shredding cone (both included) you want, add the ring to lock it in, make sure everything has clicked well into place and you're ready to shoot. Then add the food you want to slice/shred and push with the food guide. Veggies turn out very thinly sliced, but you can get slightly thicker slices by adding more pressure on the food guide. Note that you do have to cut potatoes in half because of the size of the food chamber. The Shredding Cone results in a medium shred, which we found ideal.

We made salads in record time, sliced carrots and other veggies for soups, stews or to steam, but we loved shredding cheese the most. You can cut down prep time tremendously for cheese, rather than shredding it by hand. Definitely worth setting it up for even a small pizza. Potatoes were also very nice shredded for soup, rather than hand chopped into cubes. Imagine all the shredded healthy vegetables you can 'hide' in your soup or stew.

Keep in mind that this slicer/shredder is limited in use. It's not meant to be a dicer/chopper and you cannot use it for meats or for very soft items such as tomatoes. I've sliced celery with no problem, but if it's tough and stringy, that hampers clean slicing. But that still leaves a lot of uses in everyday food prep such as for salads, veggies, cheese, chopped nuts, bread crumbs (stale is best) and so on. So it's a very handy kitchen tool.

You also cut down on cleaning by slicing/shredding right into the bowl, plate or pizza. That means that processing capacity is unlimited. If you want to slice ten cukes, you can. I found being able to shred mozza right on the pizza especially handy. And this appliance is fun to use because of this shoot-and-point design, so it may inspire some up-and-coming kitchen chefs.

Overall Impression

I highly recommend the SaladShooter, it's a handy compact appliance that you'll use often. Though limited to certain foods, if you process a lot of veggies and fruit or if you're a cheese lover, you'll find the SaladShooter® can save you a lot of kitchen time.

There are some optional accessories that can be purchased for the SaladShooter. One is a Funnel Guide ($2.99), which might improve one's point-and-shoot aim, especially for chopping nuts right onto desserts. I did notice that our aim improved (without a Funnel Guide) with every use. By the third pizza, we got no cheese on the counter. But nuts are a little more challenging.

Other available accessories include the Fine Shred, Super Shred and Ripple Cuts cones ($4.99 each), to add some slicing/shredding variety to this unit. Currently, Presto® also offers a money-saving accessory kit (Part 09929) that includes the three extra cones and Funnel Guide, as well as a smaller accessory pack (09926) that includes just the Ripple Cuts and Funnel Guide. Find the SaladShooter accessories here.

The absolute best design feature of this slicer/shredder, is the assembling and take-apart ease that makes it super quick to clean and set up. But I'd recommend you take a minute and at least rinse the parts immediately, if you can't take time to clean it while doing your food preparations. Cleaning is often why some nice appliances seldom come out to play, but with this one, it's a breeze.

The model reviewed is the standard SaladShooter 02910, but Presto also makes a Professional SaladShooter Model 02970 that is larger than the regular model, has a bigger food chamber that supposedly can take a whole potato and includes the standard slicing and shredding cones, plus the Ripple Cuts Cone and the Funnel Guide.

If you do a lot of slicing/shredding for home canning and preserving, you might want to consider this larger model for just a few dollars more, rather than the one reviewed here which retails in the $30 - $40 range. Pick a model based on your needs, but keep in mind that the Professional model will also be a little larger to store.

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