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Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

Kitchen gadgets and tools - some are great time savers, some have safety features, and some, are just fun to use. Gadgets also make great gifts.
  1. Food Prep Tools (31)
  2. Food Serving Tools (6)

Presto Jerky Gun and Seasoning Review
Presto Jerky Gun Review; review of Presto Jerky Gun and seasonings review; how to use a jerky gun; how to make jerky

Can Silicone Spatulas Be Used on an Outdoor Grill?
Can a silicone spatula be used on an outdoor grill?

Fusionbrands® PoachPod® Stainless, PoachPod® Lift, CrackPot™ Reviews
Fusionbrands PoachPod Stainless, PoachPod Lift, CrackPot Reviews; reviews of Fushionbrands® PoachPod® Stainless, PoachPod® Lift and CrackPot™ products

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Review
Cuisipro Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Review; review of Cuisipro egg poachers

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Spray Pump Review
Cuisipro Stainless Steel Spray Pump Review

Joie Scrape & Clean Kitchen Scraper Review
Joie Scrape & Clean Kitchen Scraper Review; Joie Kitchen Scraper review

Mastrad Nut Cracker Review
Mastrad Nut Cracker Review; review of Mastrad nut cracker to shell whole nuts

Mastrad Thermo-Sensor Spoon Review
Mastrad Thermometer Spoon Review; Thermo Spoon review; Mastrad Thermo Sensor Spoon

Presto SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder 2910 Review
Review of Presto SaladShooter Electric Slicer and Shredder Model 2910

Norpro Deluxe Triple Screen Sifter 3-Cup Model 135 Review
Review of Norpro Triple Screen Sifter 3-Cup Deluxe model with stainless construction

Norpro Mushroom and Egg Slicer Review
Review of Norpro Mushroom/Egg Slicer Model 985

Norpro Reusable Turkey Poultry Timer Review Model 1494
Norpro Turkey Poultry Timer Review

Q Knot Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties Review
Q Knot Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties Original Review

Recipe Rock by Architec Housewares Review
The Recipe Rock - it's small, cute, functional and ideal for holding more than recipes

Progressive PrepSolutions Pronto Crank Pepper Mill Review
Review of Progressive PrepSolutions Pronto Crank Mill that can be used for pepper, salt crystals or spices

Fusion Brands Poach Pods Silicone Egg Cooking Tool
Review of Fusion Brands Poach Pods silicone egg cooking tool - set of two

BeaterBlade Mixer Attachment KA-TH Review
BeaterBlade Mixer Attachment by NewMetro Design Review

BeaterBlade ZestNest Zester With Storage Review
BeaterBlade ZestNest Zester & Zest Storage Review

Pastry Tools and Kitchen Utensils List
The baking utensils and tools you need to make pastry, breads, cakes and other desserts.

SuperWhipper Whisk Review
Review of the SuperWhipper whisk for whipping, mixing

Starfrit 93112 Mightican Manual Can Opener Review
Starfrit 93112 Mightican Manual Can Opener Review; review of Starfrit's can opener

Chef'n GarlicZoom XL Review
Chef'n GarlicZoom XL review; review of Chef'n new GarlicZoom XL garlic chopper

Chef'n Dual-Ended Switchit Spatulas - Review
Reviews of the new version of dual ended Chef'n Switchit spatulas: Switchit All-Purpose, Switchit Spoon, Switchit Slim and Switchit Spreader

Roscan Kitchen Mix Cheese Grater Set Review
Review of Roscan's Cheese Grater Set, part of their Kitchen Mix Collection

Dropping Muffin Batter With a Spring Scoop
Spring scoops have many kitchen uses including dropping muffin batter into baking tins. Learn to use spring scoops for serving and food preparation.

Turkey Tools
Tools you need to lift the turkey to a serving plate or carving board

Potato Ricer - How to Buy & Use a Ricer
How to buy a new or vintage potato ricer and how to use one to rice potatoes or other vegetables

O-Cel-O Expressions Cleaning Tools
3M's O-Cel-O® Expressions are a blast of color and function.

Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew
Safely remove the cork from your favorite wine bottle with a Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew

Top Seafood Tools
Handy utensils for your next seafood meal

Graviti Battery Operated Pepper Mill by Trudeau
Review of Trudeau's Graviti Battery Operated Pepper Mill - a no fuss, one-handed easy to operate pepper or salt mill.

Gadgets You Never Knew You Always Wanted
Gadgets you never knew you always wanted - cool kitchen gadgets.

More Gadgets You Never Knew You Always Wanted
More great kitchen gadgets you always wanted. Enjoy time-saving kitchen tools.

Kitchen Gadgets Under $20
Kitchen gadgets that would make great gifts.

Rosette Tools and Tips on How to Use Them
How to use rosette tools to make great rosette cookies.

Silvermark Kitchen Shears - Household Shears
The Kitchen Shears made by Silvermark, are a great kitchen tool, and made of high-quality stainless steel with comfortable ergonomic rubber insert handles.

Silvermark Herb Snips - Kitchen & Garden Herb and Plant Snips
The Silvermark Herb Snips are very sharp and great for chopping up green onions or scallions, or just for trimming a house plant.

Gadget Exchange Game - A Great Way to Trade Kitchen Gadgets
Add a little interest to your next cookie exchange or wedding shower, with a Kitchen Gadget Exchange Game

Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker - A Fun Way to Make Ice Cream
The Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker is a fun way to get the family playing together while making ice cream.

Cookie Presses & Cutters - Make Cookies With a Cookie Press
Cookie presses are a great addition to your kitchenware and help you create professional looking cookies that will be a real hit.

Poultry Lifters - Must-Have Turkey Cooking Tools
Poultry lifters - terrific kitchen gadgets for removing the turkey from the roaster.

Chocolatiere Electric Chocolate Melting Pot
The Chocolatiere Electric Melting Pot is a great way to melt chocolate for fondues or baking.

Silcone Kitchen Tools - Kitchen Tools That Are Silicone
Silicone baking and cooking tools can really take the heat in the kitchen.

How to Find the Best Pizza Cutter
Buying a pizza cutter - tips on finding the best pizza cutter; pizza cutter buying tips; J&G by Roscan Pizza Cutter

Handy Kitchen Slicers and Cutters
Handy kitchen tools, cutters and slicers; specialty kitchen cutters and chef's tools

Kitchen Utensil or Gadget Review
Write a review of your kitchen gadget, utensil, chef's tool, garlic press, spatulas or kitchen toolSee submissions

Trudeau Garlic Press Duo Review Model 990003
Trudeau Garlic Duo Press and Slice Review model 990003; review of Trudeau's Garlic Duo garlic press

Rotary Cutter
What a rotary cutter is and what it is used for

Pizza Cutter or Wheel
Definition of a pizza cutter or pizza wheel and why it is preferred to using a knife to slice pizza.

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