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Onion Chopper With 2-Cup Measurement by Progressive

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Onion Chopper With 2-Cup Measurement by Progressive

Progressive Onion Chopper

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The Bottom Line

This Progressive Onion Chopper delivers diced onions in one swift motion with barely any onion smell and no tears. The durable clear base allows easy measuring of up to 2-cups of diced onions. This chopper works as advertised, is sturdy and well built, blades are extremely sharp and the acrylic is very durable. An innovative kitchen tool for quick dicing, measuring and storing. Also see Progressive Onion Keeper which is a great companion product.
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  • Dices half an onion in one swift motion - very quick
  • 2 Cup measurement
  • Durable clear base for storage
  • Hardly any onion odor and no tears
  • Very sharp blades


  • Requires effort and both hands to operate
  • *Tough onions can bend blades which can slice through plastic pusher


  • Very durable acrylic and sharp cutter blades
  • Easy dicing, measuring and storing
  • Unit disassembles very easily for cleaning.
  • Chopper measures 4-1/4"w x 2-3/4"h x 10-3/4"l
  • Measurements for 1/2, 1, 1-1/2 and 2 cups; 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 ml are marked on the base.
  • Non-skid feet for stable operation
  • Included: A small tool to clean blades and pusher teeth.
  • Enclosed design helps to contain odors and reduce tears
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Note: Use fresh onions. A tough onion can hamper the cutting operation of the chopper - see update provided.

Guide Review - Onion Chopper With 2-Cup Measurement by Progressive

This Onion Chopper by Progressive is very well made - the acrylic is tough and durable, and I love the way the unit's three parts disassemble easily for cleaning. This chopper is easy to use and instructions are very clearly illustrated on the packaging.

Blades are extremely sharp and chopping performance is terrific, but you do require two hands to push the lid down swiftly until you hear a snapping sound and voila the onion is diced. Preparing the onion for dicing is easy - use only fresh onions, cut off both ends, peel and cut onion in half or in quarters. Insert the onion section on the cutters and push down the lid - it's that easy.

There was barely any onion smell due to the enclosed design and turning the unit on its side, you can easily measure the diced onions. Measurements are marked off on the clear base for up to 2 cups or 500 ml of chopped onions - saves having to take out a measuring cup.

You can store the diced onions right in the clear compartment. However, the middle insert with the cutting blades and the lid, should be removed and completely cleaned prior to storing the onion. Cleaning is easy if done immediately after use; delaying requires more cleaning effort. There is a handy cleaning tool included with this unit.

I was actually surprised at the size of this chopper - it is larger than I expected, but the storing capacity is very convenient. Overall, this product works as advertised and makes quick work of dicing, measuring and storing onions.

*Update Dec 2006:This product worked marvelously until a tough onion bent the steel chopping blades. This caused the blades to be out of alignment and they sliced through the plastic pushers and emitted small bits of plastic into the food. To avoid this problem ensure onions are fresh and not tough. The rating has been downgraded as a result of this problem.
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