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Recycling Vintage Cookie Tins

A New Life & Function for Old Cookie Tins


Bird of Paradise Cookie Tins

Bird of Paradise Cookie Tins

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Wondering what to store your holiday or everyday baking in? Have you checked the attic or basement? Maybe you have old cookie tins lying in wait for a useful purpose somewhere in the house.

Old cookie containers like these Bird of Paradise tins which probably date back to the 1960's, make excellent baking storage for cookies. These old tins can easily be found at garage sales for just a few pennies, and I've found that the older ones are sometimes better constructed and more resistant to rusting than newer tins. Always check the inside condition before purchasing for food storage use to ensure you are buying one free from rust.

When using these to store your baking, place a layer of waxed paper in the bottom of the tin and in between cookie layers. If storing cookies for more than a couple of days in these tins, ensure that you store them in a cool, dry area.

Another option with these tins, is to recycle them. Fill them with baking and give them as a gift to a friend or neighbor. Today, pre-filled cookie tins are readily available for purchase and make great thank you or any occasion gifts, but home baking adds to their gift appeal.

You can even buy empty tins with the words 'Congratulations' and 'Thank You' written on them; just fill and give. How easy and everyone enjoys home baking!

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