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Vintage Kitchen & Collectibles

Vintage housewares, antiques that are still functional today or treasures to collect and display.

How to Clean & Polish Silverware, Silver Plate Tableware
Tips for Cleaning Silverware, Silver Plate Tableware; How to Clean & Polish Silverware, Silver Plate Tableware

Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation

Professional care and repair of silver items

Weiman Silver Polish, Wright's Silver Cream and Silver Polish Reviews
Weiman Silver Polish, Wright's Silver Cream and Wright's Silver Polish Reviews; reviews of Weiman and Wright's brands of silver polish and cleaners

Hot Kitchen & Home Collectibles 30's, 40's, 50's by C. Dianne Zweig
Hot Kitchen & Home Collectibles Book by C. Dianne Zweig, featuring 1930's, 1940's and 1950's housewares and collectibles

Melamine Tableware - What it is and the Risks
All about melamine dishes and how to use it properly

Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes by C. Dianne Zweig
Hot Cottage Collectibles for Vintage Style Homes by C. Dianne Zweig book review. Find out more about this valuable resource book for vintage collectibles.

Vintage Potato Ricer
A look at vintage food ricers; how and when to use a ricer

Vintage Plates - Making Use of Antique Dessert Plates
Using single pieces of vintage dinnerware. Antique dessert plates and how to display and enjoy them.

Information on Vintage Kitchen Collectibles
Online resource and information on antiques, vintage kitchenware and collectibles

Vintage Wire Whisk - Antique Push-Drill Action Kitchen Whisk
Vintage kitchen tools can be used in today's kitchens and are great collectibles.

Madrid Amber Depression Glass by Federal Glass
This small Madrid Amber Depression Glass Sherbet dish makes an elegant mint or candy dish even on its own.

Bird of Paradise Cookie Tins
These old Bird of Paradise cookie tins make great storage for your holiday cookies.

Vintage Glass Storage Jar With Screw On Lid
Antique glass storage jars like this vintage glass jar are great for dry food storage.

GSW Opal Enameled Ware Water Pitcher
A basic houseware from days gone by, the GSW Opal Enameled Ware Water Pitcher was manufactured in London Ontario Canada between the 1920's and 1940's.

Depression Glassware - Still Treasured Today!
Depression glassware is still treasured and displayed in many homes today.

Antique Meat Grinders - Flea Market Bargains
Antique meat grinders can be found in flea markets or garage sales at bargain prices, many in mint operating condition.

Antique Picnic Hamper
A flash from the past - an antique picnic hamper or basket that could still be used today for those special outings, or displayed for a touch of nostalgia.

Cast from the Past
Cast from the past - cast iron cookware from days gone by are still practical today.

Antique Oil Lamps - Still Enjoyed Today
Antique oil lamps are still very much enjoyed today and can quickly become a home essential during a power blackout.

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