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Dyson 10" Air Multiplier Table Fan Review

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Dyson 10

Dyson Air Multiplier 10"

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The bladeless design of the Dyson Air Multiplier is what first intrigued me, prompting a request to test its innovative air flow capabilities. Definitely unique, the Dyson offers a safer alternative to the traditional blade-equipped table fan.

Product Description

Dyson Air Multiplier 10" Table Fan AM01
  • Air Multiplier™ technology - multiplies air 15 times
  • 10" Diameter table fan with 16" airfoil-shaped ramp for maximum airflow velocity and volume
  • Smooth uninterrupted airflow
  • Safe - no fast spinning blades; no grill; no buffeting
  • Easy to clean - no grilles or blades
  • Oscillating, 90 deg
  • Touch-tilt - pivots on its own center of gravity; tilts 10 deg either way
  • Air inlet - up to 5.28 gallons of air drawn in per second, generating primary airflow
  • Brushless motor, energy-efficient; variable power
  • Mixed flow impeller
  • Easy to assemble - push-fit loop amplifier to base, then twist
  • Airflow control dimmer-switch
  • 2 Year warranty on parts and labor
  • Sold in either White/Silver or Iron/Blue
  • MSRP $299.99
  • Learn more from Dyson

How the Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan Performed

March 1, 2011
What strikes you immediately with this fan is - the bladeless design and simple (not really if you take in the technology) but sleek look. On low, it's very quiet, you have to be near it to confirm it's on, when it is not oscillating. The (turning) dimmer switch offers a variable range of speeds and at the highest end, it is noisier as expected. Unlike the average table fan, the Dyson is not top heavy, but well balanced so there's no fear of it tipping over. The base is smaller than most table fans as well; there's no need for a wide and bulky base to stabilize this fan. With a smaller base, it was easier to place. There's also no vibration detected with this fan.

It does oscillate well and you can adjust the air flow direction, with a simple touch to tilt it where you want the air to go. As for air movement and compared to other table fans, the flow is very smooth, there's no choppy blast of air. On low, I could feel air movement up to 14 feet and at the highest range, up to at least 22 feet. This fan is the easiest to keep clean. With no grill or blades, you merely have to wipe it. The air intake is on the lower part of the fan, while the air is returned to the room from the 10" diameter loop (air amplifier). Both air intake and loop amplifier should be vacuum dusted regularly; dust particles could clog those areas.

Overall Impression

If you want a safe table fan that offers good air circulation and you don't have to worry about anything coming into contact with blades, this is definitely a good choice. And it's one of the easiest fans to look after as far as cleaning goes, since there are no blades to grab and hold dust, which is usually a headache to clean. As for looks, it's very pleasing to the eye - even for someone like myself who is not usually keen on modern styling. It looks somewhat elegant (for lack of a better word). The more you look at it; the more this fan grows on you. The smooth air flow and quiet operation are also nice features. And I especially like how smoothly the push-tilt pivot works and you can aim air where you need it.

As for performance - it functions very well and better/smoother than expected, though I cannot confirm how much air is actually multiplied. Safe to say that it generates a good air flow. While I have used fans that delivered stronger blasts or flow of air, they were much noisier and that can be very annoying when you're trying to listen to television or enjoying conversation. Consider the Dyson fan a gentle breeze rather than a gust of wind.

I really like the Dyson fan, how it works and how it looks. But the downside is definitely price which is pretty high for a table fan, though it does offer quality construction, good performance and unique air flow. Dyson backs their air multiplier table fans with a 2-year warranty.

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