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Dishwasher Pitfalls - How Not to Load Your Dishwasher

Can You Spot At Least 5 Dishwasher Loading Errors?


Dishwasher Pitfalls - How Not to Load Your Dishwasher

Dishwasher Loading Errors

Photo: © Mifflin
Dishwashers are wonderful appliances that can really save you kitchen clean-up time so you can enjoy the finer things in life. But, improper dishwasher loading can shorten the lifespan of your kitchenware, create hazardous situations and hinder a clean washing, which may require running another dishwashing cycle.

This image shows at least 5 errors in dishwasher loading. Can you spot them?
  • Top Left: Two glasses are positioned way too close. Dishes are affected by the vibration of the dishwashing cycle and this slight movement can cause your glassware to break or items to chip. Allow a little space between breakable items.
  • Bottom Left:The cup handle is actually touching the glass and this can lead to broken glassware.
  • Bottom Middle: The cup is sitting on a metal meat fork which can cause the rim of the cup to chip.
  • Top Right: The cereal bowl is too straight, almost facing up; it should be slanted downward.
  • Right Middle: The soup ladle is laying right side up and should be right side down.
Use care when loading your dishwasher and consider the direction of the water jets. Some dishwashers have more washing arms and jets than others. Position items with that in mind to ensure your dishes will come out clean. Also read my Dishwasher Loading Tips for helpful suggestions on how to load your dishwasher.

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