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Proper Table Setting - How to Set a Table

Learn How to Set a Table for Your Next Formal Dinner


How to Set a Table

How to Set a Table

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Planning a dinner and need a reminder of how to set a proper table setting and where the cutlery should be placed around the tableware? Forget which side the water glass goes on or where the napkin should be placed?

Our lives are pretty hectic, and since 'tv' dinners have become the norm for some of us, it's easy to forget how to set a table and the proper table placement of tableware and cutlery. So here's a quick refresher to help you learn how to set a table for that 'perfect' dinner setting.

Top Row From Left to Right

  • Bread plate with butter knife (top left of dinner plate)
  • Coffee cup (top right of dinner plate)
  • Water glass
  • Wine glass
  • Liqueur glass

Bottom Row From Left to Right

  • Salad fork
  • Dinner fork
  • Dessert fork
  • Dinner plate with salad or soup bowl on it
  • Knife
  • Small spoon
  • Soup spoon

Napkin placement depends on your preference and there are many folding variations. As a default, it can be placed in the water glass as shown, folded on the dinner plate, or beside the flatware to the left. Some tableware pieces may of course be optional, depending on the dinner to be served.

Setting a beautiful table is not difficult, nor do you need expensive tableware or silverware. Arrangement and creativity are the key to a pretty place setting. You can also add a plate charger to each place setting. They tend to add glam to a boring table. Adding a table centerpiece can finish the decor.

A centerpiece can be either a purchased item or as original as you want. Being creative with the decor will help bring out your personality and set the mood for the table.

How to Set a Table Video

How to Set a Table With Silverware - Video

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