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Chef's Choice Manual Diamond Hone Scissors Sharpener Model 490 Review

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Chef's Choice Manual Diamond Hone Scissors Sharpener Model 490 Review

Chef's Choice Manual Scissors Sharpener 490

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General use will eventually dull a pair of scissors and they should be sharpened with a scissor sharpener. We sharpened several different types of household scissors with this manual model. See below for performance evaluation.

Product Despcription

    Chef's Choice® Diamond Hone 490 Scissors Sharpener
  • Manual operation
  • 100% Diamond abrasives
  • 2-Stage sharpening system
  • Precision angle guides for both conventional and knife-edge scissors
  • Designed for right handed or left handed scissors
  • Safe for quality household, sewing and craft scissors
  • Center groove for sharpening pointed tools such as ice picks and awls
  • Fast, easy to use; no guesswork
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • Retails in the $15 to $20 range

How the Manual Scissors Sharpener Performed

December 14, 2012
This is a very compact little unit that's easy to use and store. It's designed so you can sharpen a good variety of household scissors and poultry shears, without having to take them apart. There's also a handy groove for sharpening awls and fish hooks.

As I was taking the sharpener out of the box, I thought to myself, this looks like a little toy, all plastic, magnetic strip and three pieces of plastic to lose. It did not take me long to find out how wrong that first impression was.

I had managed to round up several pairs of scissors, some old, some newer, some craft type and none of them too expensive. A couple of them were in pretty bad shape and those simply could not be done on the handheld sharpener. I'll reserve those for the electric sharpener test. See review.

Something you must pay attention to when using any of the Chef’s Choice sharpening tools is their very well written instruction manual that comes in every box. The little 490 sharpener is no exception. They are clearly written with illustrations, hints and tips. Failure to do so could ruin a tool in a very short time and lengthen the time it would normally take to perform the job.

This little sharpener is very easy to hold, lightweight, non slip, everything clearly visible, marked and color coded - just a couple of things I thought of right from the start. There is a convenient storage compartment to hold the extra diamond grit strip.

A word of caution here, I lost one of the rubber feet on the sharpener. I had caught the edge of the table with it, it popped off and the sharpener would not hold still while trying to sharpen a pair of scissors. I later found it on the floor and reinstalled it.

The sharpening, once you got used to the motions suggested in the instructions went effortlessly. All were right hand tools, but the process is exactly the same. Simply turn the tool around and reverse the guides.

You will spend a little time getting used the keeping the face of the blade against the guide and remembering the back and forth full stroke. Once you have that down pat, the process is almost effortless. If all instructions are followed, the scissors come out very sharp. Even after sharpening several pairs of scissors, the diamond grits are still like new. Keep them that way by moving the guides along back and forth as you sharpen, to avoid cutting grooves in one spot.

In my collection of scissors, two pairs where of the inexpensive variety, likely purchased at a bulk office supply store. The angles did not match any of the guides on the 490 sharpener and so they had to be re-angled. I simply installed the properly marked guide and the coarse grit diamond strip and started reworking the angle.

You will be surprised how fast this will happen. Don’t forget to look for the little burr. Change the grit to fine and finish up. Don’t overdo the angle. Just a thin portion of the blade needs to have the angle changed, not the whole cutting portion of the blade.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

The Chef's Choice 490 Scissors Sharpener is good for those who want a simple but useful sharpening tool to restore the edge on dull kitchen, household, utility and craft scissors. It's small and can be stored in a drawer, easy to use, works well and is economical to buy.

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