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Chef's Choice AngleSelect 4623 Knife Sharpener Review

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Chef's Choice AngleSelect 4623 Knife Sharpener Review

Chef's Choice AngleSelect 4623

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A sharpener for kitchen knives is an absolute must if you want to keep your cutlery sharp and in good condition. And while electric sharpeners can save time and effort, they don't always fit in everyone's budget. That's where a small manual sharpener comes in. But you need one that's easy to use, works well and is suited for sharpening the knives you generally use.

Product Despcription

    Chef's Choice 4623 AngleSelect Diamond Hone® Professional Manual Knife Sharpener
  • Manual Sharpener for 15 and 20 deg angled edge knives
  • 100% Diamond Abrasives in all 3 stages
  • Separate sharpening and honing stages for razor sharp edges
  • High strength engineering plastic
  • Sharpen straight-edge kitchen and household knives, Santoku knives, sports knives, pocket knives, serrated knives
  • Easy to use - right or left-handed use
  • Sure Grip ergonomic handle
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet
  • Brushed stainless steel design
  • 3-Stages: Stage 1 - Santoku and 15deg edge angles; Stage 2 - Kitchen and sports knives at 20deg edge; Stage 3 - Serrated knives and honing; sharpens, straightens, aligns dull, bent teeth
  • Retails in most places under $30
  • Learn more from the manufacturer; watch Chef's Choice Knife Sharpening Video

How the Chef's Choice AngleSelect 4623 Performed

Chef's Choice AngleSelect 4623

Photo © Chef's Choice
November 22, 2011
The AngleSelect™ is surprisingly lightweight and that makes it ideal for the hunting bag. It's also compact to store and fits in the cutlery drawer so you can keep it handy. The three stages allow you to sharpen and hone a good assortment of knives - Euro/American straight edge kitchen and household knives as well as pocket, sports or filet knives, serrated utility or bread knives and Asian knives such as my favorite Santoku knives. Which means that the average homemaker would find this easy-to-use sharpener adequate to keep their knives sharp and in good condition.

It couldn't be easier to use - the Chef's Choice 4623 knife sharpener is well marked should you forget (or lose the instructions) which stage to use for your Santoku or to hone your knives after sharpening. It's designed and handles well for either right or left handed users. Where most manual sharpeners skimp on the handle, this model shines - you have a good grasp of the unit. The rubber feet are a nice safety feature to keep it from skidding. We found that since there's a tendency with any sharpener for the knife to drop to the counter as you draw it back from the sharpener, to protect your countertop, place the sharpener on a cutting board or at the counter's edge.

We sharpened a good variety of our favorite knives since they get the most usage, through the proper stages and then honed at stage 3. The Diamond Hone® does an excellent job of returning a professional quality edge. Unlike some sharpeners, the 4623 does not remove a lot of metal filings/shavings thanks to the diamond abrasives and if your knives have been carefully maintained like ours, there's very little metal removed. That means longer lasting knife blades. If you're used to an electric sharpener you'll notice that you have to make a lot more passes through the stages - that's typical of manual sharpeners. We needed to do about 20 or so passes and our knives are routinely sharpened. It can take a lot more sharpening if your knives are dull or have never seen the light of a sharpener. The manufacturer notes that 100 or more passes may be needed in such a case.

Overall Impression

The Chef's Choice 4623 Professional Knife Sharpener offers more than most manual sharpeners: Diamond abrasives for longer lasting edges, a good grip and sharpening stages for a good variety of kitchen and household knives. With it you can keep kitchen and sports straight edge knives (20deg edge angle), Asian and Santoku knives (15deg edge angle) and serrated edges such as bread, tomato or utility knives sharp and ready to use. This one sharpener, along with a knife steel is all the average kitchen needs to keep knives in good order. This knife sharpener offers tremendous value for the price in terms of function, performance and quality.

Chef's Choice offers a good selection of manual and electric professional sharpeners. For those trying to decide between a manual or electric model, you can get a professionally turned edge from either type of sharpener. However, an electric sharpener will save you time and effort, reducing the number of passes required through sharpening stages from a possible thirty or more on manual, to maybe two or three on an electric model. The Chef's Choice 4623 AngleSelect Manual Sharpener is a good starting point for those with a variety of knife edges and average use.

For the professional chef or caterer - an electric sharpener is an essential cutlery tool. The average home chef would probably find a manual knife sharpener adequate, but those who use knives a lot, especially the sportsman, would definitely find an electric model a time-saver. Regardless the type of sharpener, keep in mind that it must be designed for your particular knife edges - that's most important.

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