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What's a Partoku Knife?


Chicago Cutlery Landmark™ Edition 3 Pc Asian Set

Chicago Cutlery Landmark™ Edition 3 Pc Asian Set

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Question: What's a Partoku Knife?
What is a Partoku Knife and when would you use it?
Answer: The name Partoku™ is a registered trademark of Chicago Cultery®, a brand of World Kitchen Inc.

Their Partoku™ knife is a cross between a santoku and a paring knife. Not your typical paring knife as you would not use it to peel, but it's a bit larger and extremely versatile for chopping, slicing and dicing. The wide blade makes it easy to scoop up the chopped vegetables or to slice cheese evenly.

The Chicago Cutlery Partoku™ knives are sold in various styles and sizes. The Landmark Edition Partoku knife is quality constructed of high-carbon stainless steel and has a sleek design that melds stainless and poly for a seamless look and warm comfortable handling. The 5" blade has a straight edge, hollow ovals to release food and looks like a small santoku knife.

The Chicago Cutlery Landmark 5" Partoku™ is available as part of the Chicago Cutlery Landmark™ Edition 3 Pc Asian Set. You can read more about this knife and other Landmark knives at the following links:

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