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Crock-Pot Trio Cook & Serve Review

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Crock-Pot Trio Cook & Serve

Crock-Pot Trio Cook & Serve

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The Bottom Line

The Crock-Pot® Trio Cook & Serve™ is a great appliance, triple buffet server and slowcooker. I love cooking with this Crock pot server. It's so much more than a buffet server, you can use it for a complete meal for even just two people.
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  • Handy for cooking a complete meal
  • Cook in one or in all three
  • Nice to serve from
  • Looks awesome and a good value for the price
  • Spoons can sit right in the notches during cooking or serving


  • Needs a lot of space - 32" long


Guide Review - Crock-Pot Trio Cook & Serve Review

The Rival Crock pot Trio triple buffet server and slow cooker looks stunning with three black 2.5 qt crock-pots with individual controls all on one base. Utensils included are quality plastic serving spoons. It comes with a small recipe booklet, but the pot size was just right for half of my regular 5 qt slow cooker recipes.

As for cooking, the crock-pots performed well and I tried some Trio™ recipes including Chili (delicious), Baked Potatoes, Herbed Fall Vegetables, and Apple Cranberry Crisp, along with many of my own. I especially liked the convenience of baking potatoes in a slow cooker.

This set was designed as a buffet server and it easily fills this service, but it has so much more potential than just for entertaining. It has become one of my favorite appliances for everyday use. Though not programmable, it's easy to operate and you can vary cooking times for each pot and/or use one to keep a food or bread item warm. For example I made soup, an entree and vegetables - a complete meal - in it.

Other meals included homemade pasta sauce with cooked pasta kept warm in the second pot and warm garlic toast in the third, and homemade chili with previously baked corn muffins kept warm in the second pot an hour before serving. Meal and serving possibilities are endless. It could serve hot holiday beverages like hot chocolate, apple cider and warm fruit punch.

This set is easy to clean. The base wipes easily and the crock-pot liners and lids are dishwasher-safe, but I washed them by hand. This is one appliance I don't want to store, I want it kept handy on the counter so I can use it often. But the size can be a constraint for some, as it's 32" long.

Although the crock-pots have nice notches for the spoons to sit in, food must be on the spoons to weigh them down, or they tend to tip out when the crock-pot covers are removed. So spoons are best left out when lids are on.
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