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Vornado 542B Whole Room Clip Plus Base Air Circulator Review

Home Test of Vornado 542B Whole Room Air Circulator With Clip Base

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Vornado 542B Air Circulator

Vornado 542B Air Circulator

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The Vornado® 542B is definitely a fan with a twist, it has a clip-on design along with a bonus table base. It claims better air circulation because of its unique vortex technology. But is the clip stable when the fan is on and would I really notice the difference in air movement from this small air circulator? I took it for a test drive to find out.

Product Description

  • Vornado® 542B Clip Plus Base Whole Room Air Circulator with Signature Vortex Circulation® (Model 542 has a clip, no table base)
  • 2-Speeds - High, Low
  • Whisper Quiet technology (on Low)
  • Has 3 separate pivots and 360-degree rotation
  • Removable clip base (not shown in photo)
  • Airtensity® Grill focuses air into a tight, twisted beam, traveling up to 54 feet
  • Can clip-it to an object, mount on the wall or use as a table fan
  • Learn more about this fan Vornado Air Circulators

How the Vornado 542 Air Circulator Performed

The first thing I noticed about this air circulator was the quality of the plastic of the whole unit including the clip and base - it's better than average and seems durable. The clip has non-slip rubber pads and the lower jaw swivels to help with gripping. You need a strong hand to open the clip but it fastens tightly, even when the fan is on high.

You can clip it onto the included base for use as a table fan, clip it to furniture or hang it - it has screw holes. I wouldn't clip it to anything more than 1-5/8" thick as recommended in the manual, if you want a good grasp. It remained very stable when clipped to items, but I found it more practical to use it on a table. This fan does not oscillate but it pivots well and can be positioned manually, to direct the air where you need it.

The air circulation is outstanding for such a small fan, in fact it's better than any other 7" fan we've used. I could feel the air movement from 35 feet away when on high and from 15 feet when on low. So actual air circulation limits are definitely beyond these points.

When it comes to noise, on low it is definitely whisper quiet - you have to get up close and strain to even hear that it's on. This was a plus in the bedroom for a night fan. On the high setting, noise is extreme and it's difficult to carry on a conversation or listen to anything. However, this is where there's a trade-off - noise or air movement and I'd pick air circulation to get relief from the heat.

Overall Impression

The best feature of this fan is the ability to move air, do it well and from several feet away. The Vortex technology does seem to make a substantial difference in performance over other same-size brands.

The clip feature works well and could be very handy for some, but I prefer the base that was included with this model - it's much more functional. The design and construction of the fan overall is very nice and during operation, it's well-balanced and there's virtually no vibration. Price is reasonable given the quality, air flow and installation options.

Whole room circulation? Yes I agree. The mass of air flow is mostly felt where the fan has been manually directed, but you can feel the air changing in the rest of the room. This fan is the perfect choice for a bedroom - it's whisper quiet on low. Noise on the high setting could be a problem for some, but most fans on high will generate a fair amount of operating noise - that's to be expected. Is this fan noisier than most compact fans? Yes a shade louder, but air movement is that much better. The slight downgrade in rating is due to noise on high.

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