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What You Need to Cool or Heat Your Home


Whether you live in a small apartment or large house, you need to have some sort of heating system and depending where you live, a way to cool your home during hot weather. My buying tips will help you sort through all the different types and features of cooling and heating systems so you can make the right choice. Learn also how to care and maintain your coolers, fans and heating appliances and products. Since cooling and heating has the largest impact on energy costs, I also have some great energy saving tips, as well as cooling and heating related energy efficiency information.
  1. Cooling Your Home
  2. Heating Your Home
  3. Energy Conservation Tips

Cooling Your Home

There are several types of cooling products on the market including air conditioners and whole home coolers. Circulating fans including ceiling fans, though not really cooling appliances are very popular and affordable products to keep the air moving and make a room more comfortable. You'll also find some buying and care tips for your cooling systems, to keep them working as they should.

Heating Your Home

There are various ways and systems to heat your home and your choice of options will most likely be based on whether you own your home or rent an apartment. There will also be budget considerations. Learn about the different types of heating, what features are best and what resources are available. If you intend on heating with wood, there are things to consider when buying a heat stove as well as important safety information.

Energy Conservation Tips

Energy costs take a large portion of a family's budget, but there are simple steps you can take to save energy and keep some of those dollars in your pocket. Energy saving tips include year round tips whether you're cooling or heating and how you can save energy while enjoying your appliances.

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