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Cooling & Heating

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Whether you're looking for ways to cool your home, or for products to provide a cozy warmth to your household, these resources will provide the information you need to make good buying choices.
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Combination Heating & Cooling Comfort Appliances
Benefits of combination heaters, multifunction heater and fan appliances offer value and function to consumers, multifunction heaters with fans or cooling settings; cooling plus heating appliances

Types of Cooling Appliances or Air Circulators
What type of cooling product or appliance you buy depends mostly on where you live. If the area has a moderate temperature, you may only need a room air conditioner seasonally or a small circulating fan to keep your living space comfortable. But if you live in a hot climate, central air may be an essential part of your home's comfort systems. Though we often think of circulating fans or ceiling …

Make Product Safety Your Priority
Learn how to tell if a cooling or heating appliance is safe; what safety certification is

Phase-out of HCFC Refrigerants and What it Means to You
Refrigerants used in cooling and heating systems are being phased-out and replaced; refrigerants commonly used in air conditioners and heat pump systems are being phased-out and replaced; phase-out of HCFC's by 2030

Cash for Appliances Rebate Programs
Learn about the Rebate Programs on Energy Star rated cooling and heating appliances

Why You Should Change Appliance Filters
There are benefits to changing appliance filters often.

UL - Underwriters Laboratories
Learn about product testing and safety certification

Air Conditioner Buying Tips
Things to consider when buying a room air conditioner

Comparing Central Air & Room Air Conditioners
Comparing the differences and benefits of central air conditioning and room air conditioners.

5 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cool
5 Ways to keep your kitchen cool this summer.

Which Way Should the Ceiling Fan Rotate?
Which way should the ceiling fan rotate during summer to help cool a room, and during winter to circulate the warm air?

Information on Energy Efficient Air Conditioners
Online resource for energy efficient cooling and heating product information.

Cool Comfort - Ways to Beat the Heat
Ways to beat the heat - from practical and economical to serious appliances.

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan - Video
About.com video on how to clean a ceiling fan

Cooling & Heating Energy Saving Tips
Heating & Cooling Energy Saving Tips to help you save money while maintaining comfort levels in your home.

Energy Star - Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling
A Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating & Cooling from the Energy Star site

Ceiling Fans Can Provide Cooling Benefits And Atmosphere
Need a little more ventilation in a room? Replace the lighting fixture with a ceiling fan - a great way to add air circulation and atmosphere to a room.

Portable Multi Function Cooling Units - Air Conditioners With Multi Functions
Multi function portable air conditioners can meet more than cooling needs.

Sears Cooling & Heating Products Repair Site
Resources for Sears cooling and heating products.

Lennox Resources
Resources for owners' manuals of Lennox heating and cooling products.

What Does The Energy Star® Rating Mean?
Cooling and heating products that are Energy Star® qualified will save you money in energy.

Circulating Fan Reviews
Find helpful reviews of circulating fans and other cooling products. This is progressive list that will help you to learn how efficient these products are. Learn more about all the types of cooling products available .

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