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Maxwell & Williams Nonstick Microstoven Stoneware Review

Review of Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Cookware/Bakeware

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Maxwell & Williams Nonstick Microstoven Stoneware Review

Maxwell & Williams Microstoven Stoneware

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I won two pieces of Maxwell & Williams Microstoven stoneware in a local contest. Though these might not have turned my head had I seen them in the marketplace (even though they sport a bright red color), I've been most impressed with these practical homewares. Keep reading to learn more about this unique bakeware/cookware and how they performed in my kitchen.

Product Despcription

    Maxwell & Williams™ Nonstick Microstoven™ Stoneware Cookware. Pieces are sold individually: Microstoven 61oz Covered Casserole Dish and the Rectangular Baker. Both have the same features:
  • Microstoven™ suitable for microwave, oven or (gas or electric) stovetop use (except induction)
  • Spodumene flameproof stoneware
  • Durable, versatile for oven-to-table
  • Dual coat Whitford's Xylan™ nonstick coating
  • Microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher, freezer safe
  • Heat limitations: Stovetop use - medium heat; oven 200C/400F
  • Fully glazed bottoms to protect table, counter or cooktop from scratching
  • Visit the manufacturer for more detail on the Casserole; more detail on the Rectangular Baker

Maxwell & Williams Nonstick Microstoven Casserole Dish BW0119

February 20, 2012
Although this small covered casserole dish appears to have limitations when it comes to use or capacity, looks are very deceiving. I initially thought I would reserve using this dish for table serving of mashed potatoes and vegetables because it has a lid, or for cooking small casseroles. While it is great for those purposes, the excellent cooking and baking performance has inspired me to try more recipes in it.

Though it is small at 1.8L (61oz), it's really amazing what you can cook in it. I absolutely love it for a two-pound meatloaf or a deep-dish apple crisp that serves four. Small roasts and pork tenderloin wrapped in a circular fashion, also came out perfect in this cookware. Keeping the lid on for most of the cooking time and removing it for browning the last few minutes, has rendered extremely tasty food, be it dessert or main dish.

This small casserole dish is so versatile, how did I ever got along in the kitchen without it. While it can't handle most family meals, you can stuff it rather full and it's surprising what it can hold. Perfect for a couple or single person, but still quite useful for a small family.

Maxwell & Williams Nonstick Microstoven Rectangular Baker BW0531

The Rectangular Baker is 12.5" x 9" (32 x 22cm) and just the right size for baking a number of meal items or mixed vegetables, as well as to use for dessert baking. Lasagna turns out great in this pan, but there's also a slightly larger Microstoven™ designed specifically for lasagna that you might want to check out.

This baker is definitely family-sized and also appropriate for standard cake recipes. Performance is excellent in this baking dish. Although this Microstoven bakeware is designed for use on the stovetop, I have only used it in the oven. Note that the maximum recommended oven temperature is 400F.

What Makes it a Microstoven & Overall Impression

I consider this baker and casserole to be rather unique because you can use them either in the microwave, the range oven or on a gas or electric stovetop (medium heat). However, it is not designed to be used on an induction stovetop. The reason it's such versatile cookware is that the construction incorporates an Australian mineral called Spodumene, which gives it a flameproof nature.

Over the years, stoneware has been proven to improve cooking/baking performance of bakeware and cookware. It's difficult to say but the Microstoven™ nature of this stoneware might also be contributing to the overall excellent cooking and baking performance.

The Xylan™ nonstick coating seems to be very durable, but you should give either of these bakers good care to preserve the finish. See my Basic Rules of Nonstick Care to learn how to properly care for nonstick bakeware or cookware. The manufacturer recommends using only wooden, plastic or silicone utensils in these bakers. I would caution about plastic; some can have sharp edges. Though it seems more durable than most, this nonstick cookware/bakeware still requires typical nonstick care.

One thing the nonstick coating does do, is make these dishes extremely easy to clean, even after baking foods that often leave a sticky messy residue. They have cleaned so easily that I did not have to use a plastic scrub, just a dishcloth when hand washing. This cookware is also dishwasher safe.

Another notable is the smooth glazing on the bottom of these stoneware dishes. There are no rough edges; the finish is very nice and smooth on the bottom. That certainly helps when it comes to ceramic or glass stovetop use.

I highly recommend this Maxwell & Williams Microstoven™ stoneware line. It's a delight to cook and bake with, easy to clean and so versatile. Maxwell & Williams homewares are available where quality kitchen items are sold or visit Maxwell & Williams for more dealer information.

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