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GreenPan Thermolon Non-Stick Professional Ovenware Review

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GreenPan Thermolon Non-Stick Professional Ovenware Review

GreenPan Dubai Professional Ovenware

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A GreenPan television demonstration had me glued to the set. This green ovenware really peeked my interest and I just had to try this Thermolon® non-stick pan.

Product Description:

    GreenPan® Professional Ovenware With Thermolon®
  • Part of the GreenPan Dubai Ovenware Collection
  • Thermolon® healthy, eco-friendly ceramic non-stick interior
  • No harmful chemicals; PTFE-free and contains no silicone oil
  • Manufactured without PFOA
  • Thermolon grey exterior
  • Professional heavy gauge aluminized steel
  • Large edge for easy handling
  • Smooth rim for easy cleaning
  • Heat resistant up to high temperatures; no blistering or peeling if accidentally overheated to 450 deg.F
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • Retails in the $40 - $50 range

How the GreenPan Thermolon Ovenware Performed

September 6, 2011
This is one the nicest pans I've used in a long time and I have a variety of nonstick as well as regular bakeware pans. Everything made in this pan from lasagna to apple cobbler baked nicely and evenly. Foods were nicely browned and pulled away from the pan so well, that removal was super easy. And cleaning was a breeze - I always handwash nonstick. It helps the coating last longer. I also slightly greased the pan for every use.

Design attributes I especially love: It's a deep pan and those are hard to find. That makes it perfect for lasagna since you can have several layers and there's also less risk of overflows in the oven. The pan has wide edges which makes handling easier than most and when you cover it with foil, it folds under on those wide edges and stays in place. The aluminum is heavy gauge and that makes for very even heat distribution when baking and less hot spots, so results are better.

As for care, the GreenPan is non-stick and therefore must be treated as such. Follow my general tips for proper care of non-stick bakeware and cookware and you'll enjoy the easy food release and quick clean up that nonstick pans offer. And that includes using a little oil or butter to grease it and avoiding oil sprays altogether; handwashing rather than dishwashing; and using only plastic, silicone tools or wooden utensils in it. That can be hard to follow when it comes to nonstick bakeware. Just get a few small silicone spatulas for serving and removing cakes or meals from this pan.

Overall Impression

After watching some GreenPan infomercials, one could assume that you do not need oil in non-stick GreenPan products except for flavor and that extreme heat is not a problem. In the long term, most non-stick pans cannot be used without greasing and I would expect that these Thermolon pans are no different. Even the GreenPan manufacturer recommends in their online care tips, that a little oil should be used and you shouldn't use oil sprays. Sprays can contain ingredients in their formula that can harm nonstick coatings. They can also leave a residue that wears on the coating. So in my opinion, GreenPan ovenware needs the same care that is typical of all nonstick pans and that means also avoiding prolonged high cooking temperatures. From experience I found that if you do use nonstick pans without a little oil, over time the coating becomes affected. I now prefer to oil slightly right from the start regardless the brand, to preserve the easy-care coating.

Though it is similar to other nonstick as far as care is concerned, the similarities end there. Thermolon® is very different from traditional non-stick in its construction. It is a ceramic non-stick that is PTFE-free and no harmful chemicals can be released from the coating when the pan is heated. For the most part, nonstick pan manufacturers have made great strides in improving the safety of their nonstick coatings but sometimes, it can be difficult to be sure when full specs are not provided and there's such a vast variety of nonstick finishes on the market. GreenPan does provide the specs you want and need to know to assure that their pans are safe.

For those who want the easy care of non-stick and want to be sure their pans are safe, Thermolon® ceramic non-stick is the best choice. Prices of GreenPan ovenware are slightly higher than some other nonstick bakeware, but I would expect that with the proper care, the Thermolon ceramic coating should last longer than some other cheaper nonstick. And these pans are built for good baking/cooking performance with a heavy aluminum core and this is not typical of all bakeware.

As to life expectancy of GreenPan professional ovenware, that depends on many factors - how you use, store, wash and care for it. If you heed my 10 Ways to Ruin a Nonstick Pan and care for it as recommended by GreenPan - read the manual, it should last a few years. Ceramic non-stick coatings are still fairly new so it's hard to gauge durability at this point, even with the best of care. But I do really like the construction, design, performance and coating of this ovenware. And when it comes to storage, GreenPan ovenware is designed to be nested together to save space and that can also help protect pans from scratches.

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