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Cookware - Best Places or Products to Store & Organize Cookware

Keep Cookware Organized to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient


Whether you have a basic 4-pc starter set or loads of it, the biggest challenge is picking the best kitchen storage for cookware. All those pots and pans should be kept organized because that makes for an efficient kitchen.  And take time to review your cookware stock and keep only a reasonable assortment of pots and lids, as well as special function cooking equipment.  We tend to add occasionally to our cookware inventory, but to never discard, give away or sell those items that we seldom use.  Yet de-cluttering means more storage space for what you do use.  Here are the best options for storing your cookware.

1. The Range Drawer

The range drawer (if your range is so equipped) is the most common place to store small skillets and cookware, but it can become unmanageable.  Try storing only skillets there along with extra long utensils such as barbecue tools.  This is also a good place for a low-profile roasting pan or one that came as an assessory to your range.  Store pots and pans in a drawer, cabinet or other place.  This way, your range drawer will be more manageable, making it easier to retrieve a skillet or the few items kept there.


2. Lower Cabinet Turntable or Lazy Susan

If your bottom corner cupboards have a lazy susan or turntable design that can support weighty items, consider using one of these turning shelves for your cookware.  This is very convenient, you can rotate the shelf to quickly locate the pot you need and it's especially helfpul if the cabinet is close to the range.  Some of these turntables can house a large assortment of pans, even oversize cookware.   If you're contemplating a kitchen renovation, make a corner cupboard turntable a priority cookware storage item. 

3. Pantree - Cookware Organizer

The Pantree is a cookware tree-shaped organizer that is designed to be used on a shelf or within a cabinet.   It can hold 14 pcs of cookware and is an affordable storage option.  Read more about the Pantree cookware organizer.

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4. Cookware Ceiling or Wall-Mountable Pot Racks

Though cookware racks do not suit every kitchen, they are a viable and handy option for many.  They hold a considerable amount of cookware, as well as skillets and utensils.  Their biggest feature of course, is convenience - it keeps your favorite cookware within easy (and quick) reach.  But pot racks also reduce drawer or cabinet cookware clutter, leaving the storage space for other items.  When installing a cookware pot rack, ensure the area can support the weight load and use care when selecting the location.   Never install a pot rack over a range for obvious safety reasons; they should be installed over a counter or workspace, or on the wall if so designed. 

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5. Cookware Pot or Lid Sliding or Rolling Racks

This is an affordable option for many - rolling or sliding wire basket-style racks that you install within a cabinet.  The best configuration is to choose and install an open rack for pots or skillets and another specially-designed rack to hold lids.  When buying sliding racks, measure carefully the available space including the depth and check the installation instructions to ensure there will be enough clearance.  This cookware storage option maximizes convenience and helps to organize available cupboard space.  This is especially helpful for lower cabinets and improves access and view of contents.

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6. Deep Drawer or Cabinet Storage

Sometimes, using an existing drawer or cabinet is the only option to the homemaker for cookware storage.  A deep drawer is ideal for smaller pots and pans and cabinet space is more suited to larger pots. If space allows, for quicker retrieval, avoid stacking and place pots side-by-side with lids on, placing your favorites at the front.   Large cookware such as roasting pans, stock pots and dutch ovens should be nested as best as the space allows.  Storing occasional or seasonal cookware in a pantry or on a shelf in the basement, away from the kitchen can also help to reduce clutter.

7. Hang Skillets

Skillets that are in good condition, especially stainless steel fry pans can be hung nicely in the kitchen, keeping them handy for cooking.  Avoid hanging those that have bottoms with visible accummulations of grease, scratches or other signs of damage.

8. Caring for Cookware

Cookware can be pricey and it's not something you want to be replacing often, so care is very important.  Here are some tips on caring for your cookware to keep it in good condition:

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